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AeroGuard Flight Training Center Signs Agreement with Qatar Aeronautical Academy to Provide Flight Training for Their Cadet Pilots

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AeroGuard Flight Training Center, an industry leader in global ab initio flight training, has signed an agreement with Qatar Aeronautical Academy to train its cadets in the United States. AeroGuard was selected by QAA for its high-quality training programs and professional standards in preparing future pilots for the world’s leading airlines. This strategic agreement involves the two companies collaborating on the joint delivery of pilot training programs, including establishing AeroGuard’s Arizona campus as an additional training location for QAA.

The agreement allows AeroGuard to further expand its international capacity and extend its professional flight training services to future pilots from all over the world. QAA has set high standards for their cadets in training, and AeroGuard’s professionally focused and high-quality curriculum was able to surpass their requirements. AeroGuard’s Arizona location provides an ideal flight training environment with consistent flying weather and extensive airspace complexity for valuable flight experience throughout the entire year.

AeroGuard will deliver a comprehensive training program for the cadets of QAA, preparing these student pilots with the highest standards of safety and success for future careers at the world’s leading airlines. In addition to this global expansion, AeroGuard has also previously developed a worldwide footprint with AeroGuard Arabia, its first pilot training campus outside the U.S., opening in Saudi Arabia last year.

Joel Davidson, AeroGuard Flight Training Center’s CEO, stated “AeroGuard is honored to partner with Qatar Aeronautical Academy and provide comprehensive flight training services for their cadet pilots, preparing them for long and successful careers. This agreement continues to represent AeroGuard’s commitment to providing highly skilled and professional pilots for universities and airlines in the Middle East and around the world. AeroGuard looks forward to enhancing our global-leading flight training capability with this agreement and to further developing the talent of next generation pilots for the world’s leading airlines.”

Shaikh Jabor Al-Thani, Qatar Aeronautical Academy’s Director General, says “We are pleased to announce that we have signed a strategic partnership agreement with AeroGuard, a leading provider of Flight Training Centre in the field of aviation. This agreement will enable us to leverage our complementary strengths and capabilities and create new opportunities for collaboration and growth. We believe that this partnership will benefit both our companies, as well as our students and our portfolio. By combining our resources and expertise, we will be able to offer more value-added services, enhance our competitive edge, and expand our market reach.

 We look forward to working with AeroGuard and achieving our shared goals.”

AeroGuard has significantly expanded their capacity this year in terms of students, aircraft, facilities, flight instructors, and partnerships. Driving this capacity is their rapidly expanding aircraft fleet, which will soon double in size with the school’s recent announcement with Piper Aircraft for 90 new Piper Archers. These new aircraft will exponentially increase AeroGuard’s capacity, allowing it to train up to 2,000 students and instructors across all of its campuses.

Additionally, AeroGuard’s 600+ U.S. students are training to become Flight Instructors to build their flight experience and required hours for U.S. airlines, providing a pipeline of instructors for AeroGuard to train thousands of international Cadets.

AeroGuard has been entrusted by other leading institutions and airlines around the world to provide high-quality flight training with exceptional safety standards. AeroGuard has established agreements with Cathay Pacific, SkyWest Airlines, Korea Aerospace University, Arizona State University, and other leading aviation institutions throughout the Middle East, India, and Asia.


About AeroGuard Flight Training Center:

AeroGuard Flight Training Center is a global leader in ab initio flight training with three U.S. campuses and one international Saudi Arabia campus. Each location offers accelerated commercial pilot training programs to candidates from all over the world. With a commitment to safety and student success, AeroGuard’s high quality training has established airline-ready cadets for over 20 years with more than one million flight hours of training experience and graduating over 7,000 cadets.

About Qatar Aeronautical Academy:

Qatar Aeronautical Academy was established in 1977 as the College of Civil Aviation for the Gulf Region. It is now considered the leading provider in the Gulf region for flight training. Qatar Aeronautical Academy offers full-time accredited courses for pilots, aircraft maintenance engineers, air traffic controllers, meteorologists, airport operations management personnel, flight dispatchers, as well as short courses in a variety of aviation-related majors.

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