Rotor Transition Program | Helicopter to Fixed Wing Transition

Rotor Transition Program

As an experienced helicopter pilot, you’re in a position to rapidly begin a new career as a commercial airline pilot. Your unique combination of experience, discipline, and commitment makes you an extremely valuable pilot.

In AeroGuard’s Rotor to Fixed Wing Program in partnership with SkyWest Airlines, you’ll be able to complete all your training needed to transition into a career as a commercial airline pilot in about 4 months.

When entering into this program, you’ll receive a guaranteed interview with SkyWest and potentially a conditional job offer with SkyWest as a First Officer. SkyWest Airlines is the largest regional airline in the nation with 20 domiciles across the country from the West Coast to the East Coast. SkyWest offers incredible career opportunities to their pilots as well. First Officers can upgrade to Captain in as little as three months as soon as they have their FAR 121-436 requirements.


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Rotor Transition Requirements

Generally speaking, qualified pilots ready to begin the program already have a Commercial Certificate with Instrument Rating in rotorcraft helicopter and already meet total ATP minimum hour requirements. Civilian helicopter pilots need 1,500 hours while those that completed their training in the military require 750 total hours. Because of this, the rotor transition curriculum is designed to provide the airplane specific requirements needed to receive the ATP certificate which are:

  • Commercial pilot certificate in airplane multi-engine land with instrument rating
  • 250 total hours of airplane PIC time
  • 50 hours in airplane multi-engine land aircraft of which up to 25 hours can be completed at the airlines

AeroGuard understands that it’s not always a one size fits all model. If a pilot does not meet all of the requirements listed above, or already has some fixed wing experience, AeroGuard can examine a pilot’s logbook and determine what they’ll need to be able to reach the ATP minimums. From there, the pilot will be able to enroll in a customized program that will allow them to move forward as a First Officer with the regional airlines.

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About SkyWest

  • Flight Agreements with Delta, United, American, and Alaska Airlines
  • 20 domiciles from coast to coast
  • An unmatched culture of professionalism, teamwork, and success
  • Best-in-class training focusing on creating highly sought-after pilots
  • Competitive pay and benefits 

AeroGuard offers the Rotor Transition Program at all campuses. New classes starting each month. For more information, complete the form below to be connected to an enrollment advisor.

Rotor to Fixed Wing Accelerated Training Program

  • Receive a Conditional Job Offer

    We recommend applying for the SkyWest Pilot Pathway Program but you may apply to another regional airline of your choosing. Many regional airlines will allow you to interview and receive a conditional job offer prior to the start of your training at your chosen flight school.

    The regional airline of your choice may go through an hour review with you and give you a list of requirements you will need to hit in order to reach the ATP minimums and continue on with your career as a First Officer. If that is not provided for you, our team of experts can do that for you as well and build a custom quote to ensure all your requirements are met prior to starting with your regional airline.

  • Enroll in the AeroGuard Training Program

    First we will put together your custom quote based on your individual needs to ensure your ATP minimums are met and enroll you into the program according to those requirements. Financing options are available for those who qualify.

  • Start Training with AeroGuard

    AeroGuard’s transition program will take you through a PPL conversion, IR certificate and ultimately your CPLME for fixed wing aircraft. In order to meet the necessary 250 hours of Pilot in Command (PIC) time in airplanes, you will conduct dual crew operations throughout the course. These will be scheduled in 8 hour blocks around the clock. All training can be completed in about 4 months.

  • Begin Training with the Regional Airlines

    Once you’ve completed the AeroGuard program and have your required ATP minimums, you’ll need to begin your ATP-CTP training. Some regional airlines will take care of that training for you such as our partner SkyWest Airlines. If moving on to SkyWest Airlines, your First Officer pay begins day one of CTP training. SkyWest’s CTP course lasts approximately 2-3 weeks. The indoctrination and jet training then lasts approximately 8-10 weeks.

Accelerated Training Timeline

  • AeroGuard’s RTP accelerated program takes approximately 12-16 weeks
  • SkyWest Airlines First Officer pay begins day one of CTP training
  • SkyWest’s CTP training will take approximately 2-3 weeks
  • SkyWest’s indoctrination and jet training lasts approximately 8-10 weeks

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