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Accelerated Flight Training Courses

AeroGuard offers a high quality curriculum for pilots-in-training that is unmatched by any other flight training organization. In 12-18 months, you can have 7 Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) ratings and all skills, experience, knowledge, and confidence you need to be a professional pilot.

The next step in your training is to begin your Paid Pilot Internship at AeroGuard as a full-time Certified Flight Instructor. Before you know it, you will be moving on to SkyWest Airlines where your career as a commercial airline pilot will begin.

Below, you can learn about the seven core courses in AeroGuard’s accelerated curriculum. After completing each course, you will add a new FAA certification or rating to your resume.


Private Pilot License

First, you’ll learn and become certified to fly. Upon completing the Private Pilot portion of the program, you’ll receive your Private Pilot certificate – the foundation of every pilot’s career. This certificate permits you to act as pilot-in-command (PIC) of an aircraft under clear weather conditions, or visual flight rules (VFR).

You’ll be introduced to your first training aircraft, the Piper Archer or the Cessna 172. In this aircraft, you’ll learn flight maneuvers, aircraft control skills, and traffic pattern operations. You’ll gain the knowledge and ability to successfully and safely navigate an aircraft.

Course topics include flight maneuvers; aircraft control and navigation skills; traffic pattern operations; cross-country flight planning; weather reports and services; the national airspace system; and proper aviation terminology.

Instrument Rating

Your next adventure will be learning how to fly an aircraft in less-than-perfect weather conditions. You’ll learn how the pilot and aircraft work together to navigate obstacles of cloudy skies and low-visibility by use of aircraft instrumentation. By mastering aircraft instrumentation of the Piper Archer, you’ll experience the joy of navigating through hours of flight with no reference to the ground – only to break through the clouds and discover the runway exactly where you expect it to be.

Course topics include instrument flight rules (IFR); cross-country procedures; air traffic control operations; navigation systems; flight instrument emergency procedures; and partial and full-panel configurations.

Upon completion of this course, you’ll earn the Instrument Rating, which qualifies you to fly under instrument flight rules (IFR). This phase of your training is essential— because the skills you’ll gain will be used every day of your professional pilot career.

Commercial Pilot Single-Engine

Within this course, students will obtain their Commercial Pilot License in a single-engine aircraft and build upon their knowledge, skills, and confidence as a more advanced pilot.

This phase is intensive, challenging, and fun. As your first commercial course, you’ll hone your flight skills while learning about the fundamental realities of being a professional pilot in a single-engine aircraft. By the end of this course, you’ll be certified to operate a single-engine aircraft for hire.

For enhanced safety and ensuring the highest quality training, this course exceeds the minimum requirements set by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). During this phase of training, you’ll learn advanced flying procedures – including upset recovery, regulations, differing aircraft mechanics, pressurization systems, specific license privileges, and more.  

Once you’ve conquered our Commercial Single-Engine course, you’ll earn the Commercial Pilot Airplane Single-Engine Land Rating.

Certified Flight Instructor (CFI)

The next step of your training program is becoming certified to teach in a single-engine aircraft. At this point, you’ll be fully prepared to take on any flight – with an expert understanding of the operations involved in being a pilot and instructor. You’ll prove yourself by teaching not only instrumentation, systems, and flight controls, but also the entire spectrum of flying.

During the CFI course, you’ll demonstrate your understanding and mastery of aviation operations and maneuvers from an instructional perspective.

Upon completion of this course, you’ll be certified as a Flight Instructor. After this course, you’ll be fully prepared to instruct students in a single-engine aircraft under Visual Flight Rules.

Certified Flight Instructor – Instrument (CFII)

While you won’t be sitting in the Piper Archer pilot’s seat during this course, you’ll still be in control. This is your chance to showcase and retain what you’ve learned about Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) while helping someone else achieve their dreams of becoming a pilot–just like you.

When you complete our Certified Flight Instructor – Instrumental (CFII) course, you’ll be certified to teach students when and how to utilize various flight instruments.

Commercial Pilot Multi-Engine

This course is the final step for your commercial pilot privileges allowing you to now operate a multi-engine airplane. The course provides an add-on license to the Commercial Pilot Single-Engine certificate you will have already earned.

You’ll enhance your piloting skills by performing advanced maneuvers and procedures in the Piper Seminole – at a higher level of execution. You’ll be amazed by how far you’ve come after just a few months in the program.

At the end of the course, you’ll be certified for paid pilot services in a multi-engine aircraft. The certificate also serves as the prerequisite to obtaining your flight instruction certificate for multi-engine aircraft.

Certified Flight Instructor Multi-Engine

From day 1 of our program, you’ll be taught to think and act like an instructor. And in our Certified Flight Instructor – Multi-Engine (MEI) course, you’ll become one. You’ll develop the confidence and skills required to instruct an aviation student from the passenger seat.

When you complete our Certified Flight Instructor – Multi-Engine (MEI) course, you’ll be certified to teach students in a Multi-Engine aircraft.

After completion of this course, you are officially qualified to start your Paid Pilot Internship with AeroGuard and begin working with other students with all aspects of the AeroGuard program.

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