How quickly can I start at AeroGuard?

We have new classes that start each and every month. Most students can complete all of their enrollment requirements in about 3-4 weeks once they commit to their preferred start date.

How long will it take me to become a pilot?

Within 5-6 months, you will have your Private Pilot’s License and will be flying the plane by yourself during your solo training. At that time, you are officially a pilot! However, completing all of your training and gaining the 1500 hours required to become an airline pilot through our program can take about 2 years assuming you have no prior experience.

What is uniform policy and dress code?

Our uniform policy is aligned with those of commercial airlines. We require students to wear black slacks with aviation shirts and a black tie which will be provided for you. Students must provide their own black belts, dress shoes, and socks which are also required. ID badges must be visible at all times on campus.

How do I become eligible for an airline pilot?

In order to become an airline pilot, you must have a first-class medical certificate, your commercial pilot’s license, and 1500 hours of flight time. Given no prior experience, our pilot pathway program is designed to get you there in roughly two years.

What should I bring to training?

Students joining the program must arrive with an aviation headset, iPad, motivation and self-discipline. iPad size is up to the student, but it must have at least 128GB of memory and have iOS 13 or higher in order to run Foreflight. Cellular is preferred however Wi-Fi only capabilities are acceptable. All other training materials and equipment will be provided for you. Smiles and crisp high fives are also welcome!

How will AeroGuard help me in my future of becoming a pilot?

AeroGuard works with airline partners around the world.  This unique and well-rounded perspective is focused on the needs of pilot training to meet the standards that airlines demand.  Our unique operation runs similar to that of the airlines allowing us to provide the same level of safety, professionalism, and efficiency. 

What are the medical requirements for becoming a pilot?

Applying for your first class medical certificate and describing to the Aero Medical Examiner (AME) your previous medical history will allow the AME to determine your eligibility and ensure you meet all of the requirements. Realistically the big issues that tend to come up are: dependence on medication, vision being correctable to 20/20 and having a diagnosis for illnesses that affect cognitive functionality.

What pilot training programs does AeroGuard offer?

AeroGuard offers multiple career-pipeline programs. Pilot Pathway Program for those with little to no experience, Rotor Transition Program for helicopter pilots looking to transition to a fixed-wing career, Degree Partnerships and the International Program for non-U.S. residents.

How much does flight training cost?

We use a custom so transparent tuition model that varies depending on each student’s circumstances. Depending on the ratings and time building needs of each student, their location, and whether or not they require housing can create quite a range in tuition pricing. We recommend connecting with an enrollment advisor to discuss your career interests, needs, and background in order to get your personalized quote.

What does my average day look like as a pilot in training?

Surprisingly most of the time and energy spent in training to become a professional pilot is spent on the ground. All professional pilots understand that greater knowledge and understanding is what develops the best pilots. As a general rule of thumb, for every hour you spend in the airplane plan to spend 10 hours studying on the ground. Assuming your program is around 280 hours of flight time, that means you will spend around 2,800 hours studying on the ground. Your average day will have a mission with your instructor, but then it’s up to you to follow your study regimen to ensure that you are ready for the next training activity.

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