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Quality Flight Training


AeroGuard offers a world-class curriculum that is unmatched by any other flight schools. At AeroGuard our training programs prepare you to become a commercial pilot. AeroGuard is an accelerated flight school program like no other.

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AeroGuard Flight Training Center students in Part 141 class

Not only will you perform missions, but we required you to use our flight simulator as well – which is open 24/7 for you! We are a very hands-on school, with a low student-instructor ratio. We want all eyes on you and the ability to answer any questions you have.

AeroGuard student pilot being taught in class

AeroGuard’s first-class student support programs help you excel in the classroom and as you learn to fly, setting you up for longterm success as a commercial airline pilot!

AeroGuard is the second largest airport in the greater Phoenix area next to Sky Harbor International Airport. We perform around 163 flights per day, where the average school performs around 20 per day.



There Has Never Been a Better Time to Become a Pilot than Today!

Throughout your training process you will be scheduled for flight operations during your 10 hour duty day. The remainder of the day is spent studying and utilizing campus resources. Most study is done independently, but we create a classroom friendly environment.

We want you to succeed not only in flight, but in the classroom too! At any given time you are able to ask any questions during your studying. Sometimes the knowledge is more difficult than the flying.

Your success is crucial to us!

SkyWest Airlines pilots - man and woman

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