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Quality Flight Training

AeroGuard is an accelerated flight school like no other, offering a curriculum that is unmatched in speed, safety and cost, preparing you to become a world-class commercial pilot.


Become the Best Pilot You Can Be!

AeroGuard Flight Training Center students in Part 141 class

In addition to flight mission days, you will also have ground school, simulator training and mandatory days off to rest, relax and prepare for upcoming missions.

With our hands-on approach and low student-instructor ratio, we are able to work closely with our students and monitor progress throughout your training.

AeroGuard student pilot being taught in class

AeroGuard’s first-class student support programs help you excel in the classroom and as you learn to fly, setting you up for longterm success as a commercial airline pilot!

AeroGuard is the second largest airport in the greater Phoenix area next to Sky Harbor International Airport. We perform around 163 flights per day, where the average school performs around 20 per day.

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