China Airlines Cadet Program

AeroGuard Partners with China Airlines to Professionally Train the Airline’s Pilots

China Airlines Cadet Pilot Program

AeroGuard is the flight training partner for Taiwan-based China Airline’s cadets, preparing them for their future pilot careers.

AeroGuard Flight Training Center is proud to partner with China Airlines providing high-quality ab initio flight training for their future pilot cadets as part of the China Airlines Cadet Program.

Within this CAA approved program, eligible candidates can apply through China Airlines to become a future pilot for the airline – no prior experience required. Once selected by the airline, cadets will come to AeroGuard’s Phoenix, Arizona campus where they will complete their flight training in the ideal flying environment with consistent year-round weather, available airspace of increasing complexity, and all the necessary Student Support, Accommodations, and Transportation.

About China Airlines and the Cadet Program

China Airlines, the Taiwan-based carrier, has 80+ mostly wide-body aircraft providing service to over 170 destinations across approximately 30 countries. The airline connects people all over the world within America, Europe, Asia, Taiwan, and the Oceania region.

As a leading major airline in Taiwan, China Airlines is dedicated to operating its aircraft with high-quality and professional pilots who will become industry leaders through its Cadet Program in partnership with AeroGuard.

Cadets in the program can start with no prior flight training experience and complete the program with their CAA (Civil Aviation Administration) and FAA (U.S. Federal Aviation Administration) Commercial Pilot License, Multi-Engine, with Instrument Rating in less than a year spent in the U.S.

About AeroGuard Flight Training Center

AeroGuard Flight Training Center is a leader in ab initio pilot training with over 20 years of experience in training airline-ready cadets and over 7,000 graduates flying for some of the world’s most successful airlines.

AeroGuard has three locations across the U.S. in areas of ideal flying weather and airspace availability, providing candidates from all over the world with a flight training environment that sets them up for success with regular and consistent training. AeroGuard focuses on delivering its high-quality and structured training curriculum in a safety-first environment that will prepare its cadets for their future careers – inside and out of the cockpit.

In addition to this flight training, China Airline Cadets will also be provided with everything they need to be successful during their time in the U.S.. From Immigration to Student Accommodations and Transportation, AeroGuard takes care of China Airlines’ Cadets from the moment they arrive in the U.S. to when they return to Taiwan.