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Our Fleet

Expertly Maintained Aircraft Fleet

At AeroGuard you will have access to an expertly maintained fleet of 70+ aircraft. Many of our planes include air conditioning, a crucial feature in the hotter months of the year. These aircraft, from the Piper Archer to the Cessna 152, are all expertly engineered to be the perfect vehicles to launch our pilots’ careers into the skies.

Before closing the door on their first craft, potential pilots will spend time in the RedBird SIM, a top of the line simulator unit, giving them the comprehensive experience while they are still on the ground.

A plane is only as good as its maintenance. That’s why we have an FAA approved maintenance hangar right on site our Phoenix headquarters, ready to do fixes on the spot. That means our pilots are getting into safe aircraft with less delay and accruing that crucial flight time under their belt.

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