AeroGuard Flight Instructors

First-Class Faculty & Superior Academic Infrastructure

AeroGuard has 200+ flight instructors on the flight line and growing. That’s 200+ flight instructors training new pilots every day. AeroGuard instructors have the discipline to train, implementing our high quality curriculum and safety-first standards. Our students can be confident of receiving the best in aviation training from every AeroGuard flight instructor.

At AeroGuard, we pride ourselves in being able to train great pilots and that means we need great instructors. This is why every hired instructor must go through AeroGuard’s standardization training. AeroGuard also provides our Check Airman Program which puts our aviation instruction in a class by itself. This program has been expertly designed to provide rigorous instruction, individualized feedback, and professional mentoring for career development, all while putting safety and quality at the forefront.

Exceptional Instructors

The best instructors are essential for training the best pilots. We ensure that each instructor is prepared to instill AeroGuard’s values, safety expectations, quality curriculum, and have the passion to train the next class of professional pilots. 

Dedicated Duty CFI

Unique to our school is your co-pilot on the ground, supporting you through every solo flight throughout your training ensuring your safety and success.

Academic Support

AeroGuard offers a dedicated academic advisor providing you with extra support and access to various workshops to help you throughout your ground school training.

AeroGuard flight instructors benefit from a team structure. Team Leaders support our flight instructors through the demanding experiences of stage check evaluations, ground school, and flight operations. The AeroGuard program is fully aligned with SkyWest – developing both student and instructor pilots in a culture that puts quality and safety above all else leading for a smooth transition to the airlines.

Check out our Employment Page for more information on the benefits of working as a flight instructor for AeroGuard.

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Academic Infrastructure

At AeroGuard, we have a strong academic infrastructure which ensures you experience the highest level of training every step along the way.

  • Students are assigned to highly-trained instructors at a low student-instructor ratio  
  • Groups of instructors are supervised and mentored by Training Managers who closely track the progress of individual students.
  • Training Managers report to a Team Leader whose job is to foster the growth and development of all the students and faculty under them.
  • Training Managers report to upper-level management who constantly work to improve AeroGuard’s curriculum, student support system, and academic quality.


These elements allow AeroGuard to provide consistent, reliable training that will ensure students complete their training successfully and on time.

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