AeroGuard & SkyWest Cadet Program

SkyWest Airlines Need Highly Trained Cadet Pilots

SkyWest Airlines, the largest regional airline in the U.S. which flies under the flags of Delta, American, United and Alaska, has an on-going need for highly trained, capable pilots. Flying over 36 million passengers a year, SkyWest Captains become top recruits by every major airline in the industry, so SkyWest must ensure a steady supply of top-quality pilots.

To provide these pilots, SkyWest Airlines has partnered with AeroGuard Flight Training Center to develop a Pathway Program that will provide a clear path to becoming an airline pilot, along with top-quality curriculum.

Student pilots within AeroGuard have the unique ability to become SkyWest Cadets from their first day on campus within the SkyWest Pilot Pathway Program. In about 2.5 years, from zero experience to airline ready, SkyWest provides support and mentorship integrated within the AeroGuard Training.

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Complete Pathway to 3 Major Airlines

The Pilot Pathway Program offers a complete, clear path from no prior aviation experience all the way to becoming a professional pilot at the largest U.S. Regional Airline, SkyWest Airlines. In addition to this, SkyWest Airlines Captains can now receive Guaranteed Pilot interviews at 3 Major Airlines – United, Delta, and Alaska Airlines – making this a complete Pathway for your entire pilot career.

Some other programs may lock you in to one Major Airline, on their terms and timeframe, or have arms-length partnerships with many airlines giving you no specific hiring advantage. AeroGuard’s Pilot Pathway Program is different, offering you clear advantages and pathway, but with the flexibility for you to Take Control of Your Career.

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SkyWest Domiciles and Logos

SkyWest Cadets Benefit from the U.S.’s Largest Regional Airline

SkyWest Airlines is the largest Regional Airline in the U.S. with a fleet of over 500+ ERJ and CRJ aircraft, 19 domiciles across the country serving 36 million passengers annually across 230+ cities with almost 2,000 daily flights. On top of this, SkyWest Airlines was also named to the Forbes America’s Best Employers for 2021 and 2022, and to the top 50 Best Places To Work in 2021, Glassdoor Employee’s Choice Award.

With a culture built on Teamwork, Professionalism, Safety, and Stability, SkyWest offers more than just a job to their pilots and employees. In more than 50 years of flying, SkyWest has never furloughed a pilot and they’ve had no bankruptcies – something many other airlines cannot claim. Now, thanks to the SkyWest Pilot Pathway Program, cadets can start their journey to becoming a SkyWest pilot while in flight training.

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Shanna's Journey Through the Pilot Pathway Program

Benefits for SkyWest Cadets in AeroGuard’s Pilot Pathway Program


  • $17,500 Tuition Reimbursement after completion of SkyWest I.O.E.
  • Guaranteed First Officer Final Interview with SkyWest Airlines
  • Company Seniority Begins at Start of Training – so you get higher seniority in your class
  • Pilot Mentorship – regular campus visits, interview preparation and more
  • Network with SkyWest professionals who help prepare students and instructors for airline careers


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SkyWest Cadets Take Control of Their Career

SkyWest Airlines pilots are well regarded in the industry, and are top recruits by every major airline in the industry. Why limit yourself to a career path at just one major airline? When you take control of your career you can join the right airline, at the right time in your career, compared with waiting for flow agreements to transpire.

SkyWest pilots build the skills and experience that major airlines want to hire, not just pilots from airlines they have contractual minimum hiring obligations with. Learn more about airline flow agreements and why they benefit the airlines, not pilots.

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The Pilot Pathway for SkyWest Cadets

The AeroGuard Pilot Pathway is designed to provide a clear path for SkyWest Cadets, from student, to instructor building flight experience, to First Officer with SkyWest – all in about 2.5 years.

  • Phase 1 – Student – While training with AeroGuard, student pilots are able to become SkyWest Cadets from their first day on campus. During this phase in the program, students will not only learn to fly, but how to fly in a professional, airline style environment.
  • Phase 2 – Instructor – Upon graduation, all students are given a final interview to become a CFI with AeroGuard. This provides students with a clear path to build flight experience to ATP minimums, with pay and full benefits. SkyWest mentorship and other leadership programs continue during this stage to build a pilot’s skillset.
  • Phase 3 – SkyWest – After building to ATP minimum flight hours AeroGuard graduates receive a guaranteed final First Officer position interview with SkyWest. Following acceptance, these pilots will then have some of the highest seniority in their class, and the training and experience they need for long and successful careers.


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