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AeroGuard Flight School Reviews

I am so thankful for what AeroGuard offers: a strong commitment to excellence, professionalism from top to bottom, outstanding training aircraft, superb flying weather, and a strong partnership with industry leading SkyWest airlines. For these reasons, AeroGuard was an easy choice for my RTP needs.

Jason Trichler, RTP Student

The aviation industry has changed so much in a short amount of time and AeroGuard has been rolling with the punches. They’ve made tremendous strides to be best in class. If you want to be prepared for what this career will realistically demand of you, then this is the place to do your training!

Charles Rodriguez, AeroGuard Instructor

The training is very efficient and makes the most of your time. The Pilot Pathway Program has brand new planes that aren’t even a year old, G1000 navigation systems, and a dedicated instructor who has a low student-instructor ratio giving individualized attention. There have been some growing pains, but the management takes feedback seriously and has been adapting to the needs of the students.

Zach Grace, Pilot Pathway Student

I have very much enjoyed my time here at AeroGuard. The Pathway program provides an efficient and effective opportunity to get you to the airlines as soon as possible without losing quality of instruction. All the instructors take their work seriously and want you to succeed. I always feel welcome to ask questions and seek help when I need it. Now I don’t want you to think that everything is peaches and cream. There are some issues every now and then, but the standout is that the management implements changes to meet the students’ needs. I would recommend anyone looking for a career in aviation to do their training here.

Mien Huynh - Student

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