AeroGuard Flight School Reviews | Testimonials

AeroGuard Flight School Reviews

“The Instructors in the CFI program went above and beyond as much as they could with the training and personal encouragement!”

Pilot Pathway Student

“Favorite thing…. The structure of the program itself. I know what I’m going to be learning and have a library of resources to help at anytime. The additional benefits of back seating on other flights and simulated flights on my spare time add to the knowledge making sense. It’s like a jigsaw puzzle and I feel a visceral click repeatedly with this school’s environment.”

Guru R. 
Pilot Pathway Student

“Exhilarating! That is what I felt during take-off. In that moment, I realized I’m one tiny step closer to achieving my goal. Acknowledging that my dream is coming true, fuels my desire to keep working hard. I’m grateful for each and every person who has encouraged me on my aviation journey.”

Jenni L.
Pilot Pathway Student

“I will admit, the first landing solo was a bit nerve racking but also a huge confidence booster. I realized that all the hard work was finally showing some results. off. Cheers to the Instructors and staff at Aeroguard for all your support!”

Ryan C.
Pilot Pathway Student

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