Your Pilot Career Path

AeroGuard Provides a Direct Path to the Airlines

Start your pilot career with the AeroGuard and SkyWest Pilot Pathway Program, and you will quickly find yourself in the sky. First as a cadet, then an instructor, and finally, as a commercial airline pilot, seeing the world as you safely guide passengers to their destination.

First on the docket? About 12-18 months of intensive flight training at an AeroGuard Flight School. Following flight training and working as an AeroGuard Flight Instructor, our pilots can then transition to SkyWest Airlines to complete their ATP training. This transition takes approximately 3-4 months. Once they are fully part of the SkyWest team, pilots have access to 20 different domiciles, a fleet of over 425 aircraft, flying with four mainline partners in United, Delta, American, and Alaska. SkyWest pilots receive competitive pay with industry-leading profit-sharing bonuses and 401(k) matching and can even upgrade to Captain in under two years.

With their massive network of domiciles, over 3,000 flights a day to over 240 airports, SkyWest pilots get a broad flight experience and continue to be the industry’s top recruited pilots by every major airline.

Your Pilot Career Path, from AeroGuard Cadet to the Majors Airlines

  • STEP 1

    Participate in the Pilot Pathway Program, receiving all your initial certificates (PPL, IR, CPLSE, CPLME, CFI, CFII, MEI)
    – Approx. 12-18 months (DPE availability can impact timelines)


  • STEP 2

    Work as an AeroGuard Flight Instructor to build knowledge, experience, skill, and the flight hours needed to work for a commercial airliner. Includes full-time compensation, full benefits, and paid time off for vacation, sick time, and holidays. As part of the SkyWest Pilot Pathway Program, attend your final SkyWest First Officer interview
    – Approx. 14-18 months

  • STEP 3

    Transition to SkyWest Airlines to complete your Airline Transport Pilot Training
    – Approx. 3 months

    You’re now a full-fledged pilot! But it doesn’t end there!

  • STEP 4

    Join SkyWest’s team of professionals who enjoy more opportunity than any other pilot group in the industry. With State-of-the-art aircraft and four major flying agreements with Delta, United, American, and Alaska; SkyWest Pilots are the top recruits by every major airline.  


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