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AeroGuard Flight Training Center Partners with Aeroplanned to Prepare for Future Growth and Resource Expansion

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AeroGuard Flight Training Center, a leading institution in the flight training industry, is pleased to announce a recent agreement with Aeroplanned, a cutting-edge software system designed to forecast resources required for flight school expansion. This collaboration displays AeroGuard’s commitment to innovation and growth in the aviation industry.

In recent years, AeroGuard has experienced remarkable growth and expansion, solidifying its position as a leading flight training provider. Notably, the flight school has established strategic partnerships with leading airlines and aviation institutions including Cathay Pacific, Arizona State University, and Korea Aerospace University, reinforcing its influence in the pilot training sector.

The latest agreement to highlight AeroGuard’s resource expansion is its recent 90-aircraft order with Piper Aircraft. This order represents AeroGuard’s commitment to expanding their training resources and meeting the global demand for pilot training. With these 90 planes, AeroGuard will nearly double its current fleet and have the capacity to train over 2,000 student pilots across its multiple campus locations.

Looking ahead, AeroGuard is set to add 25 additional planes to its current 90+ aircraft fleet throughout 2024, further enhancing its capacity to meet the growing demand for its training programs. This expansion aligns with AeroGuard’s dedication to staying ahead of industry needs and ensuring a steady supply of well-trained and capable pilots.

AeroGuard’s CEO, Joel Davidson, expressed excitement about this agreement with Aeroplanned, stating “This partnership with Aeroplanned reflects our commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology for efficient and strategic growth. We will be able to gain foresight well into the future, empowering us to operate proactively for optimal results. The software’s insights promise potential improvements we’ve yet to uncover or act upon – I’m genuinely excited to get started.”

Aeroplanned’s CEO, Jen Liddle, reflected on this partnership by sharing “Being a part of AeroGuard’s vision for effective training and exceptional customer experience perfectly aligns with our goals here at Aeroplanned. This partnership marks an exciting collaboration, positioned for mutual growth and innovation. We’re truly honored to join AeroGuard on their journey.”

As AeroGuard continues to reach new milestones and expand its operations, this partnership with Aeroplanned signals a dynamic and promising future for the flight school and its mission to train and prepare high-quality pilots for long and successful careers at the world’s leading airlines.


About AeroGuard Flight Training Center:

AeroGuard Flight Training Center is one of the U.S.’s most successful flight schools, offering accelerated commercial pilot training to candidates from all over the world. With a commitment to safety and student success, AeroGuard has a proven history of training airline-ready pilots, with over one million flight hours of training experience and graduating over 7,000 cadets.

About Aeroplanned:  

Aeroplanned is revolutionary resource planning software designed exclusively for the pilot training industry. Committed to empowering flight schools worldwide, the platform provides a comprehensive solution to track and manage student progress efficiently. With the capability to accurately predict required resources up to 3 years in advance, Aeroplanned offers critical visibility and valuable insights, enabling flight schools to optimize their operations for maximum efficiency and results. Dedicated to fostering success in the aviation community, Aeroplanned is based in New Zealand and operates globally. The platform is meticulously crafted by experts who share an inherent passion for ensuring students finish on-time and progress seamlessly through a connected pilot pipeline.

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