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Airline Partner Cadet Programs

Train the Best Pilots with our Ab Initio Programs

Why AeroGuard is Built for Airline Cadet Programs

AeroGuard has trained future airline pilots within cadet programs for more than 20 years, with more than 7,000 graduates flying for airlines across the world.

AeroGuard’s training programs are designed to meet the demands of the airline industry, ensuring that its graduates are well-equipped and highly qualified pilots, that will transition seamlessly into their new career, reducing training costs and timelines.

AeroGuard has developed strong partnerships with leading airlines from around the world, based on high-standards through our in-house developed course that can be customized to airline needs and local regulatory environments.

By partnering with AeroGuard, you’ll get skilled and motivated pilots who have been trained to the highest standards, with insightful reporting to allow you to focus on operating your business.


20+ Years of Experience
Over 7,000 Graduates
Accelerated Training
Customizable Course Requirements
Actionable Reporting



Setting A Higher Standard for Flight Training Excellence

AeroGuard’s programs are set apart from other flight school operations. With customizable courses, highly rated maintenance team, outstanding student services resources, and quality-focused training, AeroGuard ensures that pilots are trained in a safety-first environment and to the highest professional standard.

  • Customizable courses to meet airline’s standards, requirements, and procedures
  • Monthly reports and end of course reports
  • Housing, visas, and transportation for students
  • Student services and cultural support
  • Standardized training fleet
  • FAA Diamond Awarded maintenance team

How Airlines Can Benefit from Partnering with AeroGuard

When you partner with AeroGuard, you’re committing to training your pilots in an effective way that will let you plan and manage your core business. Not only will AeroGuard train professionally prepared airline pilots in an accelerated timeframe, but we will also provide access to reporting and information about their progress, accomplishments, and ratings to give you full insight.

  • Professionally train and prepare your pilots
  • Accelerated training timeline in safety-first environment
  • Cost-effective training with professional standard
  • Periodic student reporting & insights
  • Housing, transportation, and cultural support for your pilots


Cathay Pacific

Hong Kong’s World-Renowned Airline

AeroGuard is proud to partner with Cathay Pacific providing flight training for their Cadet Pilot Program as part of this fully-customized course, tailored to their airline’s needs. Once cadets are selected by Cathay Pacific, they complete ground training in Hong Kong before attending AeroGuard for their flight training.

While at AeroGuard, cadets will complete an accelerated program, leading them to obtain their Hong Kong Commercial Pilot’s License with Instrument Rating in just ten months.

SkyWest Airlines

A U.S. Pilot Pathway Program

Within the United States, AeroGuard is in strategic partnerships with SkyWest Airlines, providing a clear path to a future career as a U.S. airline pilot to students.

Working closely with SkyWest for training standards and a structured curriculum, our pilots also benefit from on-going mentorship and workshops, a guaranteed final interview with SkyWest as a First Officer, Tuition Reimbursement, and Interview opportunities at 3 U.S. Major Airlines.

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Fully Customizable and Structured Courses

AeroGuard offers our in-house developed and industry-leading FAA courses, but also offer the flexibility to tailor our programs to meet individual airline requirements or adhere to home country regulations. AeroGuard can also build custom courses if required!

With over 20 years of experience and 7,000 graduates, our courses are based on the highest standards of training and years of refinement to develop the best ab initio programs for airlines!

High-Quality Flight Training

Cadet student pilots will join AeroGuard at one of our strategically located campuses spanning across the United States and around the world. Each location offers accelerated flight training within optimal weather conditions and local airspace, in addition to comprehensive support services that include maintenance, academic support, student housing, and more!

Our focused training approach ensures that students can efficiently complete their training and seamlessly transition back to their sponsor airline.

Reporting & Insights

While cadet pilots train at AeroGuard, airlines are provided with full reporting and insights that include End of Course reports, periodic progress reports, academic reports, and more. AeroGuard ensures that the sponsor airline has complete access to their cadets and their progress within the program.

By keeping the airline closely involved in each students’ progress, airlines can be confident in the high-quality pilots that return to them upon completion of training, prepared to seamlessly join the airline and reduce training costs.

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