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University Partnerships with AeroGuard

Universities Outsource Flight Training to AeroGuard Within Their Degree Program

Why Universities Choose AeroGuard

AeroGuard offers a turnkey solution to universities to provide the flight training within their Aviation Degree programs, allowing the university to concentrate on its core focus.

Recognizing the increasing demand for highly skilled and professional airline pilots, AeroGuard has partnered with universities in the U.S. and internationally to provide students with the practical flight training in conjunction with the degree theoretical knowledge. Graduates of these programs have strong professional outcomes, with very competitive pay and long, successful careers based on a strong foundation of flight knowledge.

Universities are able to utilize the AeroGuard infrastructure with instructors, aircraft, maintenance and more, alongside our in-house developed, customizable curriculum, to gain a turnkey solution to launch their degree program simply and effectively.


Students Earn a Degree & Licenses
20+ Years of Experience
Over 7,000 Graduates
Custom-built University Programs
Actionable Reporting



Benefits of Offering an Aviation Degree

By partnering with AeroGuard, universities are able to offer industry-leading flight training as part of professional flight degree program that is able to meet a growing need in the industry and offer strong student outcomes to its graduates. Due to a growing pilot shortage, the industry is in demand with growing salaries, bonuses and benefits.

  • Provide students with extensive educational and career opportunities
  • Meet the industry’s demand for highly qualified pilots
  • Enhance your degree program with high-quality, best in class training
  • Protect students’ safety with our safety-first approach
  • Outsource flight training infrastructure of instructors, aircraft, maintenance and scheduling

How Partnering with AeroGuard Makes a Difference

Flight Training offers a number of unique challenges not often seen at universities, such as aircraft procurement, maintenance, flight line access, FAA approvals, instructor management and training, and more!

By outsourcing flight training to AeroGuard, universities are able to focus on their degree education, using our turnkey solution, an in-house developed and high-quality curriculum, and safety-focused approach to train their students to the highest standard.

Learn more about AeroGuard and how we can support your efforts to provide students with an Aviation Degree.

Arizona State University

Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Management Technology (Professional Flight)

AeroGuard is proud to partner with Arizona State University as the flight training provider for the Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Management Technology (Professional Flight) degree program.

Located near the ASU campus, AeroGuard is able to provide all flight training services to 200+ students in this growing program.

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Korea Aerospace University

Providing Best-in-class training to an International Degree

Korea Aerospace University partners with AeroGuard Flight Training Center to provide their students with world-leading, high-quality flight training as part of a range of programs.

AeroGuard developed specific programs to meet this international need and reflect Korea Aerospace University’s comprehensive aviation education programs, setting their students up for success as future professional airline pilots.

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