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Summer Travel Preparation: What You Need to Know and Why its a Great Time to Become a Pilot

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As the summer season approaches, the world is buzzing with anticipation for long-awaited vacations, reunions, and adventures. After enduring the unprecedented challenges over the past couple of years, the travel industry is experiencing a renaissance, with air travel leading the way. 

This year, airports ready themselves for the busiest air travel period in over three years, and airlines are preparing to ensure a seamless and safe journey for passengers. Amidst the rise in travel, aspiring pilots have a unique opportunity to embark on a thrilling career path. 

After a prolonged period of restricted travel, the desire to explore the world has reached an all-time high. People are yearning for new experiences and this pent-up enthusiasm for travel has resulted in a substantial increase in travel bookings, with summer 2023 positioned to witness the highest air travel volumes since the summer of 2019. Memorial Day Weekend has always signified the start of the summer travel season, but this year, the number of Americans who were expected to fly surpassed the pre-covid pandemic high from 2019. This Memorial Day Weekend was expected to be the 3rd busiest in more than two decades. TSA confirmed that it screened nearly 12.7 million people over this past travel weekend, about 180,000 passengers higher than the 2019 pre-pandemic high. 

This is good news for airlines – in terms of the industry booming and signifying the popularity of air travel again. However, this also puts a lot of pressure on the airlines to meet these demands. Now that air travel is highly popular again and becoming more demanding, the airlines need to keep up with that demand. Some reported that they’re preparing for summer travel by using bigger planes, watching for elements that could cause disruption, and hiring more staff. The most important resource for these airlines in the years to come is hiring more pilots, so they can fly more and run larger schedules.

As airlines become significantly more aggressive in their hiring of new employees, they’ve made their primary focus hiring more pilots. The surge in air travel not only benefits passengers but also creates exciting opportunities for aspiring pilots. Airlines are facing a significant pilot shortage as seasoned aviators retire and the demand continues to rise. To address this gap, airlines are actively recruiting new pilots and investing in pilot training programs. This increased demand for pilots, combined with favorable industry conditions, makes it an opportune time for individuals who dream of taking to the skies. Because of the airlines’ aggression towards hiring on more staff, they are offering incredible salaries, benefits, and retirement packages. Not only could you pursue your dream of flying, but also set yourself up for success, establishing a career that will benefit you for years to come. 

Becoming a pilot offers a range of unique advantages, especially during the summer travel surge. The demand for pilots translates into a robust job market, providing aspiring aviators with various career opportunities and the potential for steady employment. Advancements in aviation technology have made flying more efficient and safer than ever before, enhancing the overall flying experience for both pilots and passengers. This moment in time presents a golden opportunity for those considering a career as a pilot. With airlines gearing up to meet the heightened demand, aspiring pilots can capitalize on the current pilot shortage and embark on an exhilarating journey in the aviation industry. 

The skies await, ready to embrace a new generation of pilots who will play a crucial role in shaping the future of air travel. To learn more about how you can start your aviation career with AeroGuard Flight Training Center, connect with an Enrollment Advisor or learn more about our Pilot Pathway Program. Start today!

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