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Accelerated Flight Training Programs

At AeroGuard, we offer multiple career-pipeline programs at each of our five flight school locations across the U.S. to help you realize your dream of becoming an airline pilot. Each location offers the same carefully optimized flight training curriculum designed to help you master the skills you need to become a commercial airline pilot — through safe, high-quality and efficient training.

  • Pilot Pathway Program – Our premier program creates a direct path to an exceptional career as a professional airline pilot in as little as 2 years.
  • Rotor Transition Program – From helicopter pilot to airline pilot – be career-ready in about 4 months.
  • Pay As You Go Training – AeroGuard’s same high-quality curriculum, in a flexible format to fit your life.
  • 1-Week Add On Programs – Add a multi engine or CFI Instrument rating in about a week
  • Degree Programs – Earn your Bachelor’s Degree online while flight training with AeroGuard
  • International Students – Customized training programs to meet your country’s specifications

SkyWest Career Partnership

Take control of your career with AeroGuard Flight School and SkyWest Airlines.

SkyWest Airlines, the largest regional airline in the United States, is in strategic partnership with AeroGuard through which we offer an innovative training program specifically built for your career success plus invaluable mentoring, enhanced company seniority and a guaranteed final interview with SkyWest setting you up for a successful career as a pilot – plus a $17,500 Tuition Reimbursement after I.O.E.

SkyWest Pilots are top recruits by every major airline in the industry. Why limit yourself to just one?


SkyWest Pathway Program

Why Cadets Choose AeroGuard For Flight Training

AeroGuard Flight Training Center offers a non-stop path to success as a commercial airline pilot that stands out from other flight schools. At AeroGuard, our goal is a simple one — to create the safest, best-trained professional pilots in the industry and provide them with a seamless start to their career.

Our first-class accelerated flight training programs can take you from zero experience to professional airline pilot in as little as two years. As AeroGuard focuses on being not just a flight school, but a commercial pilot school, we offer our student pilots many other advantages and opportunities.

  • Innovative & Accelerated Flight School Curriculum
  • Guaranteed Interview with SkyWest Airlines
  • Industry Highest $17,500 SkyWest Tuition Reimbursement
  • Guaranteed Interview as a CFI for AeroGuard
  • Advanced Pilot Training Equipment & Technology
  • Custom All-Inclusive Tuition
  • Unmatched Student Support
  • Exceptional Safety Standards

High Demand For Pilots

With the ever-continuing long-term growth trend of airline travel, demand for pilots from airlines is outpacing supply, causing a forecasted pilot shortages in the years to come. With over 750,000 pilots needed globally by 2039, according to Boeing, and over 200,000 of those in the U.S. alone, high demand could lead to high salaries and benefits as supply is incentivized to meet this demand.

Short term solutions during the COVID pandemic only increased this issue for airlines, with incentivized early retirements the need to backfill these roles with young pilots is even greater, making now a great time for student pilots entering the workforce.


Pilot Shortage 2.0

Life as an AeroGuard Student

At AeroGuard, we are setting a higher standard for what is expected at a flight school. Our primary commitment is to your safety and professional career success in the long term after you leave our Flight Training Center. 

From the way we train and operate, our focus on aviation knowledge, not just passing the next check ride, AeroGuard is focused at every step on preparing it’s students for life as a professional airline pilot. From flight duty days and rest periods, to our AOM/GOM and high standards not common in other flight schools, we prepare you for a successful career inside and out of the cockpit.

One of our biggest priorities is ensuring that our students have the academic support that they need from one.

AeroGuard students always have an academic advisor available to help with their studies when needed. It’s common for studying to be done independently in flight school, but at AeroGuard, we believe in a hands-on approach to ensuring your success as a pilot.

AeroGuard’s welcoming, student-focused culture makes it the go-to choice for cadets from all over the world.

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From Zero Experience to Commercial Airline Pilot in About 2 Years

Our Pilot Pathway Program is the most efficient and dependable way to launch your career in aviation.

• First Solo Flight & Private Pilot License
• Commercial Pilot License
• Certified Flight Instructor License

Pilot Training Phase
About 10 months

Graduate with 7 FAA Ratings and Certifications

Paid Pilot Intern Phase
14 to 18 months

Guaranteed Final Interview With SkyWest Airlines

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