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AeroGuard Flight Training Center trains and prepares future commercial airline pilots. Using our highly structured curricula and professional standards in a safety-first environment, we provide a path and framework for students worldwide to become airline pilots and industry leaders.

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Accelerated Flight Training

At AeroGuard Flight Training Center, we specifically focus on training future pilots for careers as professional airline pilots. We train our students on an accelerated timeline, in a safety-first environment with professional standards and a high-quality curriculum, to get our graduates to the airlines quickly, for long and successful careers.

With strategically placed locations across the U.S. in areas of ideal flying and weather conditions, we focus on accelerated flight training for individual students, as well as Airline and University partners from around the world. Our programs can be tailored to individual goals, experience, or background, but for most U.S. future pilots, our Pilot Pathway Program will provide a clear course to become a professional airline pilot in about 2.5 years.


Accelerated Training
Safety First Environment
Quality-Focused Curriculum
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The Path to Becoming a Professional Pilot

AeroGuard offers a variety of flight training programs designed to prepare future pilots for successful careers. We also partner with airlines from across the globe, making a clear path for graduates to land their dream career. With multiple program options, U.S. domestic students can select the training path that best suits their individual career goals and aspirations.


Pathway Program to Three Major Airlines

AeroGuard’s Pilot Pathway Program for U.S. students offers an exclusive opportunity for aspiring pilots to kickstart their professional pilot careers. Within this program, you will complete 7 FAA Licenses, followed by a Guaranteed C.F.I. Interview, which will pave the way for you to become an AeroGuard Instructor and acquire the required 1,500 flight hours to fly for an airline. 

Additionally, cadets are given a Guaranteed Interview with SkyWest Airlines as a First Officer, and Guaranteed Pilot Interviews with three major airlines: Delta, United, and Alaska Airlines, for SkyWest Captains who have completed two years of service, plus all SkyWest Cadets with AeroGuard are eligible for a Tuition Reimbursement of $17,500 upon completion of your I.O.E. with SkyWest Airlines. This opportunity provides a clear and structured path at every step for pilots who aspire to work with these top airlines.

University and Airline Partnerships

AeroGuard has established strong partnerships with leading airlines and universities around the world to provide students with the best training possible and establish a strong foundation for future career opportunities. With our internally developed curricula and structured processes, our commitment to a safety-first environment, and our unwavering dedication to cultivating the best pilots, AeroGuard is a global destination for pilot training. Learn more about why the world’s leading airlines consistently trust AeroGuard to train their future pilots.

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Structured & Customizable Programs
Nationwide & Global Locations
Accelerated Training
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Ideal Training Environment


AeroGuard Partners with the World’s Leading Airlines

Global University Partnerships

AeroGuard Flight School Locations

AeroGuard Flight School campuses are located across the southern U.S. in areas that offer the perfect conditions for flight training, from weather and climate to local airspace complexity. We offer housing near most locations so students can easily relocate and complete their training in the shortest time frame to start their career.

Why U.S. Students Choose AeroGuard’s Pilot Pathway Program

AeroGuard Flight Training Center offers a direct path to success as a commercial airline pilot that stands out from other flight schools. At AeroGuard, our goal is simple: To build the best-trained professional pilots in the industry and provide them with a seamless start to their career.

Our first-class accelerated flight training programs can take you from zero experience to a professional airline pilot in as little time as possible. As a leading commercial pilot school, we offer our student pilots advantages and opportunities unavailable at other academies.

  • Accelerated, In-House Developed Curriculum
  • Guaranteed CFI Interview for AeroGuard
  • Guaranteed First Officer Interview with SkyWest Airlines
  • Guaranteed Interview with Three Major Airlines
  • $17,500 SkyWest Tuition Reimbursement
  • Save Up To 15% With FAA-Approved Courses
  • Advanced Pilot Training Equipment & Technology
  • Student and Career Support
  • Exceptional Safety Standards
  • Student Housing Options

Life as an AeroGuard Student

While AeroGuard’s Flight Training Programs are accelerated, we understand the need to rest and recover, which is why our curriculum consists of a balance between classroom training, flight missions, and off-days to study and relax before your next flight.

Our unparalleled training provides students with the critical knowledge needed to pilot aircraft safely and effectively, while acquiring the FAA ratings and certifications for the next phase.

At AeroGuard, we are setting a higher standard for what is expected at a flight school. Our primary commitments are to your safety, professional success, and delivering the highest quality of pilot training possible.

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Pilot Shortage & Rising Salaries

With continual growth of airline travel and FAA mandated retirements for the current pilot workforce, the demand for pilots worldwide is increasing and causing a pilot shortage. This shortage is resulting in a significant increase in pilot salaries, bonuses, and benefits, and creating further opportunities for career advancement as airlines compete for these critical employees. 

There is no better time to be a pilot! With growing salaries and job openings available across the aviation industry, now is the time to pursue a career as a professional airline pilot.


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Airlines & Universities partner with AeroGuard Flight Training Center to be a part of preparing the next generation of dedicated, highly trained, and professional airline pilots. Learn more about how AeroGuard can help your cadets reach their goals and set them up for success in their future careers.