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Accelerated Flight Training

At AeroGuard Flight Training Center, we specifically focus on training future pilots for careers as professional airline pilots. We train our students on an accelerated timeline, with professional standards and high quality curriculum, to get our graduates to the airlines quickly, for long and successful careers.

We offer multiple career-pipeline programs, at locations strategically placed across the U.S. in areas of ideal flying and weather conditions. Our programs can be tailored to your goals, experience or background, but for most our Pilot Pathway Program will provide a clear path to become a professional airline pilot in about two years.





FAA-Approved Courses – Save Up to 15%

AeroGuard has received FAA approval to run a special 141 “Reduced Hours” training course based on the high quality of the curriculum and AeroGuard training environment.

This course can save you up to 15% compared to other top flight schools, as well as complete the program in a shorter timeframe – all with the same high quality you expect from AeroGuard.

This course is only available for those starting with AeroGuard with Zero Prior Experience, so don’t delay your training – talk to an Enrollment Advisor to learn more.

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Pathway Program to 4 Major Airlines

With the AeroGuard Pilot Pathway Program, you receive a Guaranteed C.F.I. Interview to become an AeroGuard Instructor to build your 1,500 hours, plus a Guaranteed First Officer at SkyWest Airlines to start your professional pilot career.

Now with SkyWest’s Guaranteed Pilot Interviews with Delta, United, Soutwest and Alaska Airlines, for SkyWest Captains of 2 Years, this program gives you a clear, and step-by-step path to not just one, but 4 Major Airlines.

Take Control of Your Career

AeroGuard is partnered with SkyWest Airlines, the largest regional airline in the US, to offer our students an innovative training program specifically built for career success.

Upon completion, our graduates are guaranteed a First Officer interview with SkyWest and $17,500 in Tuition Reimbursement after I.O.E.


Benefits for SkyWest Cadets

  • $17,500 Tuition Reimbursement after completion of SkyWest I.O.E.
  • Guaranteed First Officer Final Interview with SkyWest Airlines
  • Guaranteed Pilot Interviews for SkyWest Captains at 4 Major Airlines
  • SkyWest Seniority Starts From Your First Day On Campus
  • Pilot Mentorship – regular campus visits, interview preparation, and more.
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Flight School Locations Map

AeroGuard Flight School Locations

AeroGuard flight school campuses are located across the southern U.S. in areas that offer the perfect conditions for flight training – from weather and climate, to local airspace complexity. We offer housing near most locations so students can easily relocate and complete their training in the shortest time frame to start their career.

Why Cadets Choose AeroGuard For Flight Training

AeroGuard Flight Training Center offers a non-stop path to success as a commercial airline pilot that stands out from other flight schools. At AeroGuard, our goal is a simple one — to create the best-trained professional pilots in the industry and provide them with a seamless start to their career.

Our first-class accelerated flight training programs can take you from zero experience to professional airline pilot in as little as two years. As the leading commercial pilot school, we offer our student pilots advantages and opportunities unavailable at other academies.

  • Accelerated Flight School Curriculum
  • Guaranteed CFI Interview for AeroGuard
  • Guaranteed Interview with SkyWest Airlines
  • $17,500 SkyWest Tuition Reimbursement
  • Save Up To 15% With Reduced Hours Courses
  • Advanced Pilot Training Equipment & Technology
  • Unmatched Student and Career Support
  • Exceptional Safety Standards
  • Student Housing Options
  • Guaranteed Path To 4 Major Airlines

Life as an AeroGuard Student

While our Flight Training Programs are accelerated, we understand the need to rest and recover, so our curriculum is balanced with classroom training, flight missions, and off-days to study and or relax before your next exam.

Our unparalleled aviation training provides students with the critical knowledge needed to pilot aircraft safely and effectively, while acquiring the FAA ratings and certifications for the next phase.

At AeroGuard, we are setting a higher standard for what is expected at a flight school. Our primary commitments are to your safety, professional success and delivering the highest quality pilot training available. 

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Pilot Shortage & Rising Salaries

With the continuing long-term growth trend of airline travel, combined with FAA mandated retirements for the current pilot workforce, demand for pilots from airlines is outpacing supply, causing a forecasted pilot shortage in the years to come. This shortage is raising pilot salaries, bonuses and other opportunities for career advancement as airlines compete for these critical employees.

There has never been a better time to be a pilot in training and be on the front end of this hiring curve, with growing salaries and job openings available across the industry.


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