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AeroGuard Flight Training Tips – Time Management for Students

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School can be stressful enough  with juggling work, classes, homework, and everything else that piles up with life. Now what if your classroom took place in a plane, hundreds of feet in the air? Yeah, it is easy to see how flight school can be overwhelming for cadets, which is why AeroGuard is committed to offering the support our students need to succeed. Whether that’s on-site advisors or simply offering tips on the blog. To that end, this time on the blog we’re discussing time management for students, outlining a few tips that when put to practice will net huge benefits.

Time Management for Students

Write Down Everything

Whether it’s creating a calendar for your week or keeping track of your To-Do’s and homework assignments, writing it down with pen and paper is the best method to keep things stuck in your mind. That’s valuable, and not just for remembering material, though it is good for that! According to researchers at UCLA, students who take written, long-form notes had better memory retention than those who use a keyboard.

Plan Your Day

Planning your day ahead of time, scheduling out blocks of time for study and tasks can help you make the most effective use of your time as it is available. Knowing what you need to accomplish before you even sit down to begin means you’ll be prepped and a step ahead to get started. Writing everything down in a planner will also help make sure you remember deadlines, due dates, and tasks. Google calendars and smartphones may seem simpler to use, but they are much easier to forget until that alert pops up.

Eliminate Distractions

You know what you need to do, when it’s due by, and now as you sit down you can’t seem to get focused. If you’re constantly checking your phone alerts, switching tabs to send messages to your chats, you are just spinning your wheels. Be honest with yourself about what distracts you and act on it. Put the phone away in a drawer or another room. Close all the other tabs or windows you have open. Use a Chrome extension like Win the Day to block access to those sites your mind wanders to easily.

Differentiate School and Personal Time

Listen, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. It is important to get everything you need to do done, but you need to enjoy life while you’re at it, or else risk burnout or defeat. While you’re utilizing your calendar and planning time, mark off space for personal, fun time. Be fully engaged in those hours of You time, so you’re refreshed and ready to work when you must.  By creating that barrier you can train and reinforce your mind to stay in its lane when your nose is in the books or on a beach.

Get Good Z’s

Want to be your absolute most productive? Want your hours to be focused, absorbing knowledge like a sponge? Then you need to get a good night’s sleep, period. If you are pulling all-nighters, staying up too late and waking too early, you’re putting your body and mind at a disadvantage for all the tasks ahead of them. If you are really serious about your education and productivity, then you need to be getting good, REM sleep. That’s when your brain does all the heavy lifting of sorting and processing the day’s experiences, putting them where they belong for better retention and cleaning out the debris to start the next day fresh.

Get Flexible

Okay, okay, this may sound counterproductive given all the other things we’ve said here today. “But you said schedule everything! Keep barriers between work and play!” But here’s the thing, you’re already under a ton of pressure with school, learning to fly, and balancing your life. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself too! If you don’t get your entire to-do list done on Monday, there’s still Tuesday to get in there and figure it out. If something crops up that needs to be attended to, move the schedule around to make it work. Flexibility is what’s going to give you the power to tackle unseen challenges.

“The wind does not break a tree that bends.” – African proverb

Take these principles of time management for students to heart and put them to practice and you should find your ability to do so soar! Do that heavy lifting ahead of time and then you can focus on the things that matter, like learning to fly! As always if you need any other help, don’t hesitate to contact your flight advisors, they’re here to help.

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