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New Student Orientation Tips – Hit the Ground Running

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Welcome back to the AeroGuard blog! This month we have covered a range of topics for our students and readers, and we plan to keep that rolling throughout the new year! This time around we decided to offer up some advice to help get every AeroGuard cadet started off on the right foot, and to get the most out of their flight training right from day one! Here are some tips for new students to ensure their path to success.

New School Orientation – Tips to Succeed


Understand the Logistics

Most orientation programs or first days see students running all over the place trying to get to classes, different offices for paperwork filled out, etc. While AeroGuard does our best to make sure the process is as streamlined as possible, new students might find the process a bit overwhelming. To curb that, make sure you look over the materials, any hand-outs, emails, or paperwork that may have been sent to you. Take the time to arrive early and familiarize yourself with a map of the campus. Freeing your mind up your mind from those stresses and it’ll be ready to handle the experience!

Expect Downtime, Expect the Mundane

Flight school no doubt has conjured heroic images in your mind, of sitting in a briefing room, decked out in flight suit and gear. You’ll get that experience, no doubt about it, but there is also the fair share of ‘boring’ tasks that will need to be accomplished in your first days as a cadet. Paperwork, accommodations, waiting in line for materials or to meet with your advisor. Utilize this downtime in perhaps the best way possible…

Meet New People

Coming to a major flight school like AeroGuard means you’re going to be joining hundreds of other cadets, from all over the world! Add in our top-notch faculty with years of experience and it might be daunting to see all these new faces! This is the benefit of attending a top flight academy, meeting and working with others in the field, getting to know the ropes from experienced pilots and cadets.

If no one else in your family or circle of friends is a pilot, creating these new bonds to other pilots will give you a mentor you can rely on when things can difficult. They’ve been there before and they have gotten through it.

Even when you’re not in classes, we encourage you to hang around the simulators, look through materials with other students, or just sit and congregate. At AeroGuard, you’re not flying solo!

Ask Questions

While you’re busy meeting new people, cadets and instructors both, don’t hesitate to ask them questions! It might feel safer to turn to Google for your answers but not even that almighty algorithm machine can produce the tailored fit answers like a fellow cadet or experienced pilot face to face. The internet can provide you a map, even directions, but another person can tell you why to go that way, or when the best time to go is.

New Student tip - ask questions

Now, those are some good Day One tips and can serve you well throughout your time training. Here are a few more that can help you train to the best of your ability, and they’re worth reading, even if you won’t be in the cockpit for a few weeks!

Be Prepared

Take a cue from the Boy Scouts of America and always Be Prepared, whether for a flight or a lesson. Studying and knowing the materials before you get into the aircraft can save you time and headache, and let’s you spend your time in flight mastering, not just learning.

Build Better Habits

Get in the habit of doing a thorough pre-flight check, keeping logbooks up to date, and other regular tasks. Logbooks need to be updated to be airworthy, pre-flight checks are necessary for you to know the conditions of your aircraft and more. Letting anything slide because of a bad habit is the first breakdown in the necessary systems for safe air travel. Build these habits early!

Trust Your Gut

If ever something doesn’t feel quite right, or the weather has you worried (rarely a problem at our campuses) don’t feel pressured to fly. It’s better to cancel a flight and be totally prepared and comfortable than to fly with that kind of stress already on your shoulders.

Whether you’re just starting on your pilot journey with AeroGuard, or simply beginning the next step in your training, we hope these tips can help you get the most out of your experience. Not yet enrolled at AeroGuard? Simply call and speak with a career advisor today!

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