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AeroGuard Flight School Financing the Cost to Fly

AeroGuard Flight School Financing

At AeroGuard we understand having financing options and keeping costs manageable is important to students. AeroGuard offers two student loan options for U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents through our loan partners

Nearly 100% of your tuition can be financed through one of our loan partners. You can choose to include housing within your tuition package which can also be financed through your student loan if needed. No repayments are required until after you graduate from the program.

Should you move on to SkyWest following completion of the AeroGuard program, you can look forward to various tuition reimbursement packages from SkyWest dependent on which program you complete.

Becoming a pilot is within reach. Working together with AeroGuard for flight school financing, your dream can become a reality.

Flight School Financing – The Facts

  • 2 different financing options
  • Can choose from a Tuition with Housing or Tuition Without Housing Model
  • Down Payment can be anywhere from 2% – 10% depending on your individual loan terms
  • A 15- and 20-year loan payback periods
  • No Early Loan Repayment Penalty
  • No repayment necessary until you’ve completed your ratings and certifications
  • Tuition reimbursement from SkyWest can be paid towards your loan balance after completion of IOE with SkyWest. Reimbursement amount dependent on your program and experience level.
  • Reach out and AeroGuard can help you navigate flight school financing.

For more information about how to apply for a loan online contact our enrollment advisors today.

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