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Liberty University Program

Flight Train with AeroGuard while you obtain your Bachelor’s Degree with Liberty University online.

AeroGuard Flight Training Center, and Liberty University’s School of Aeronautics have partnered to offer students with a way to not only gain high quality flight training, but also a Bachelor of Science in Aviation at the same time!

Thanks to this program, students can earn their degree online, while gaining course credit for their flying certificates obtained through AeroGuard’s high quality, professionally focused training.   

Students can earn their Bachelor of Science in Aviation in approximately 2.5 years alongside pilot education to fit to their schedule and availability. All within an accredited college degree with access to Financial Aid and a reduced-hour Restricted ATP.

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Liberty University Flight Training Program Details

The Bachelor of Science in Aviation, from the Liberty University School of Aeronautics, offers students FAA Part 141 Training, through 7 certificates and ratings.

As a Flight Training Affiliate for Liberty University, students are able to complete their flight training portion of their Bachelor of Science in Aviation at AeroGuard, while completing all other courses 100% online.

Liberty University graduates of the online Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics or Bachelor of Science in Aviation are eligible for the R-ATP certificate at 1,000 hours total flight time if they complete their instrument flight training and certification, pilot flight training and certification through Liberty or AeroGuard, when enrolled in the associated courses.

Flight Training Certificates and Ratings


  • Private Pilot – Can be completed as a Free Elective or prior to enrollment
  • Instrument Rating
  • Commercial Pilot Single Engine
  • Commercial Pilot Multi Engine
  • Certified Flight Instructor
  • Certified Flight Instructor Instrument
  • Certified Flight Instructor Multi Engine

Flight Training Financing

In addition to the degree program and flight training, students are also able to take advantage of the following financial support and options.

  • Federal Financial Aid
  • Tuition Discounts (Military, Police, Fire, EMS and CAP)
  • Veteran Affairs Benefits (excluding PPL)


These loans, discounts and benefits can help to make the dream of learning to fly and pursuing a career as a professional pilot a reality for those who may otherwise struggle to afford high quality pilot training.

The Liberty FTA Program is available at these campuses:

Success in Liberty Program

The carefully optimized high-quality curriculum offered at AeroGuard is second to none. Through Liberty’s Flight Training Affiliate Program, students can let their dreams take flight at a fast pace all while earning their Bachelor of Science to help them advance in their career.

At AeroGuard, students have access to a large fleet of 70+well-maintained aircraft, dedicated instructors and student support. As they move through the program, it’s imperative for students to utilize the resources available to them for their success.

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