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Rotor Transition Program

As an experienced helicopter pilot, you’re in a position to rapidly begin a new career as a commercial airline pilot. Your previous experience means you have about half the requirements to complete compared to the average person. Your unique combination of experience, discipline, and commitment makes you an extremely valuable candidate to the airlines.

In AeroGuard’s Rotor to Fixed Wing Program in partnership with SkyWest, you’ll be able to complete all your training needed to transition into a career as a commercial airline pilot in about 4 months. Together, AeroGuard and SkyWest Airlines offer up to $27,500 in bonuses and tuition reimbursement for rotor transition pilots.

When entering into this program, you’ll receive a guaranteed interview with SkyWest and potentially a conditional job offer with SkyWest as a First Officer. SkyWest Airlines is the largest regional airline in the nation with 20 domiciles across the country from the West Coast to the East Coast. SkyWest offers incredible career opportunities to their pilots as well. First Officers can upgrade to Captain in as little as three months as soon as they have their FAR 121-436 requirements.



About SkyWest

  • Flight Agreements with Delta, United, American, and Alaska Airlines
  • 20 domiciles from coast to coast
  • An unmatched culture of professionalism, teamwork, and success
  • Best-in-class training focusing on creating highly sought-after pilots
  • Competitive pay and benefits including a guaranteed 13 days off per month

Enrollment for AeroGuard operations in both Phoenix and Southern California is now open. New classes starting each month. For more information, call 1-623-337-1293 or complete the form below.

Rotor to Fixed Wing Accelerated Training Program

  • Enroll in AeroGuard Training Program

  • Start training

      1. Complete your Private Pilot License in around 20 hours
      2. Complete Instrument training in around 15 hours
      3. Complete the CPLME course in about 30 hours
      4. Conduct dual crew operations until meeting the necessary 250 hours of PIC time in airplanes
      5. All training will be completed in about 4 months


    SkyWest will provide your remaining $7,500 in tuition reimbursement upon completion of your IOE.

  • Interview with SkyWest

    • Determine eligibility timeline
    • Receive ground school date at SkyWest
  • Begin Training at SkyWest

    • Complete ATP-CTP training
    • Complete aircraft specific training
    • Complete initial operating experience (IOE), receive $7,500 bonus
  • Fly as a commercial airline pilot based at one of SkyWest Airlines' 20 domiciles

Accelerated Training Timeline

  • AeroGuard’s RTP accelerated program takes approximately 12-16 weeks
  • Training will take approximately 8-12 weeks with SkyWest
  • Dual crew operations will be scheduled for 8-hour blocks in shifts around the clock

Option to receive $20,000 of tuition reimbursement upfront

SkyWest provides additional $7,500 bonus to military veterans upon completion of IOE

Financing options are available to qualified candidates.

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