SkyWest Airlines Partnership | AeroGuard

AeroGuard & SkyWest Partnering for Pilots

Together, SkyWest and AeroGuard are creating a strategic, accelerated, powerful partnership to create, train, and employ pilots

AeroGuard is the premier flight training center, providing prospective pilots with the most supportive, intensive and collaborative program to advance through.

SkyWest is the premier regional airline, known for their professionalism, top-tier training, safety, and stability, working with four of the largest major airlines – United, Delta, American, and Alaska in over 3,000 flights a day, to over 240 airports.

Shanna's Journey Through the Pilot Pathway Program

Together, we provide prospective pilots with the clearest pathway to success, from a respected flight school to an airline you can be proud to work for.

Every one of our students gets the opportunity to start their pilot career with SkyWest. Our program moves seamlessly between AeroGuard and SkyWest thanks to the design and support from both companies.

Our partnership is also beneficial to current employees of SkyWest. Current SkyWest employees who are eligible to take a Professional Leave of Absence (PRO) may choose to take 2 years off to complete the necessary training and education through AeroGuard to become a pilot and return to work for SkyWest like they never left.

Benefits of Our SkyWest Partnership

  • Become a professional SkyWest pilot
  • Enjoy enhanced seniority in ground school class
  • Receive end-of-program review and SkyWest employment offer
  • Guaranteed Final Interview with SkyWest
  • Monthly campus visits from SkyWest Pilot Recruiters
  • Network with SkyWest professionals who help prepare students and instructors for airline careers

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