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The below form can be used in coordination with your Enrollment Advisor to understand your available financial options. Please refer to our Financing page for more information on options and lending partner terms.

Finance Calculator
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Cash Terms Meritize Pilot Access SkyBound

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Maximum Loan Amount - $99,125 $100,000 $100,000

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This tool is provided for mathematical and illustrative purposes only and is not a financial recommendation.

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†Cash Discount for eligible Pilot Pathway Programs with program price above $40,000

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AeroGuard adds a 'Reserve' to your program price. This Reserve is your money, held by AeroGuard and used in case additional checkrides, or other costs, are required. The reason for this reserve is so that your training is never interrupted for financial reasons. If unused at the end of training this reserve will be returned in full to you directly or the loan provider, whichever made the initial payment.

The Pay As You Go Reserve is added to your program price to ensure you are financially prepared if your flight training exceeds your provided quote. If unused at the end of the Pay As You Go program this Reserve will roll into the Pathway Reserve, and then any remaining amount will be returned upon completion of the Pathway program.