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1-Week Add-On – Private Pilot Multi-Engine Curriculum (PPLME)

If you’re looking to add a multi-engine rating to your PPL certificate, AeroGuard provides an excellent accelerated program to fit your needs. In this Part 61 course, pilots will develop the skills necessary to earn their private pilot multi-engine rating (PPLME) in just 9 days of training. This 1-Week Add-On is available at any one of AeroGuard’s 5 campus locations which have been strategically placed across the country in areas with ideal weather conditions for accelerated training.

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PPLME Training at AeroGuard

AeroGuard’s structured curriculum, high-quality instruction, ample resources and aircraft maintenance help make this accelerated, 9-day course possible. Students will be provided a study packet with ground school material, covering AeroGuard planes, procedures and local airspace, that students will need to learn before starting class the following week in order to make the most of their time on campus and be prepared for the flight training.

As experienced pilots, students can expect to jump right in on their first day with a written test and an oral evaluation from their flight instructor based on the items in their study packet. If they successfully complete these evaluations, their checkride will be scheduled in advance to occur on their 9th day in the program. If they don’t complete the evaluations successfully, however, they will not be scheduled for a checkride until adequately prepared and the checkride fee cannot be refunded once it has been booked.

PPLME Training Timeline

In addition to the written test, and oral examination, students will begin their training on Day 1 with a 30-minute brief from their instructor and 2 hours in the flight simulator. They’ll be introduced to the Piper Seminole aircraft they’ll be flying as well as the covered maneuvers, procedures, and checklist flows. Day 2 will also involve a 30-minute brief and 2 hours in the SIM, allowing students to further familiarize and refine their maneuvers, procedures, and checklist flows with inclusion of a 1-hour brief in case they need to discuss any of the specifics in more detail.

On their third day of training, students will have two 1.5 hour flights that may run back to back preceded by a brief from their instructor. During these flights, the pilot will apply what they learned in the simulator working to become proficient with the maneuvers. Day 4 consists of an hour-long brief with an instructor, discussing visual meteorological conditions (VMC), single-engine minimal controllable airspeed and aerodynamics to expand their learning followed by an hour in the simulator practicing emergency procedures.

Continuing to Day 5, students will have a 30-minute brief with their instructor, preparing for the 1.5-hour flight in which they will practice emergency procedures in the aircraft. Training is continued with another hour-long brief discussing the changes and impacts to aerodynamics and performance when only a single engine is working.

As they approach the date of their checkride, students will work to solidify their proficiency on day 6 with a total of 3 hours in the plane across two flights, concentrating on mastering their maneuvers and emergency procedures.

Safety is critical to AeroGuard and should be to every student, which is why Day 7 is a required rest day. Students will need to get some much-needed rest after an intense week of training, but they can allow themselves to use this time to do any studying at home they may feel is necessary. The most important thing is getting their body and mind right for the big checkride that is to come in the next two days.

Assuming the student has fully dedicated themselves to their course studies and has been able to follow the timeline set for them, Day 8 will be the last chance for the student to prepare for their checkride. First, the student will have a brief with their instructor to ensure that IACRA is complete and that all endorsements have been met, cover any knowledge based items the instructor deems necessary, and ensure the student is ready for the checkride. Secondly, the student will complete their final evaluation flight  before getting a final sign off for their checkride the following day. This final evaluation will include a 1-hour brief testing the students’ knowledge and a 1.8-hour flight to test their flying skills.

Once the student effectively completes their final evaluation with a separate AeroGuard instructor, they’re ready for their checkride with the DPE on Day 9!

With determination, skill and a structured, fast-pace curricular, students can become a PPLME-rated pilot through AeroGuard in just 9 days!

PPLME Cost Breakdown

The cost breakdown for the AeroGuard PPLME program is as follows:

Seminole – Dual Instruction – 9.5 Hours
Seminole – Simulator FTD – 5 Hours
Seminole – Checkride – 2 Hours
Instructor Briefing – 10 Hours
Checkride Fee – 1 Unit
Books, Materials, & Administration (iPad not included) – 1 Unit
Grand Total – $6,155.00

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Your Success in the PPLME Add-On Program

AeroGuard’s PPLME program is geared to help experienced pilots with recency and proficiency quickly reach their goals in a cost-effective manner. With the accelerated timeline, it’s critical that students work diligently, staying on top of their learning materials and utilizing all resources available to them in the short timeframe to ensure they earn their rating. At AeroGuard, students have the opportunity to expand their knowledge and successfully meet their goals. No matter what part of the country a student resides, the 1-Week PPLME Add-On is extremely time-efficient allowing students to attend the AeroGuard campus closest to them and not be away from home for too long. AeroGuard can also help students retrieve special rates with nearby hotels for those looking to travel to our locations for these accelerated courses.

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