AeroGuard Expands Fleet by 3 Aircraft in Recent Weeks - Plans to Add 20+ more in 2023.

AeroGuard Expands Fleet by 3 Aircraft in Recent Weeks – Plans to Add 20+ in 2023

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AeroGuard has announced the acquisition of three new planes in the last few weeks, including two in the last two weeks as part of their plan to add more than 20 aircraft in 2023. These developments mark a major milestone in the school’s expansion, enabling it to offer a wider range of pilot training programs and accommodate an increasing number of students. The additional planes will help AeroGuard increase its training capacity and meet the growing demand for skilled pilots in the aviation industry.

These aircraft are to support strong growth being seen across their programs. The domestic focused Pathway Program is growing strongly year over year, and they are establishing a new offering with Arizona State University, training up to 250 students as part of a bachelor degree program; and with the world renowned Hong Kong airline Cathay Pacific.

These aircraft will join AeroGuard’s standardized fleet of 70+ aircraft comprised of Piper Archers and Piper Seminoles. Through this standardized fleet, AeroGuard aims to provide a singular learning process, so students have a structured training experience. This isolates the learning of new skills, as opposed to learning different aircraft controls and features. As such, these aircraft will first spend time with AeroGuard’s FAA Diamond Award winning team of mechanics to ensure they match the rest of the AeroGuard fleet, before hitting the flight line in the coming weeks.

With the expanding fleet and new partnerships, AeroGuard is well-positioned to meet the increasing demand for skilled pilots in the industry and provide their students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed.

The school expects to add more than 20 aircraft to their continually growing fleet as the year goes on – representing a growth of over 25%.


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