AeroGuard Flight Training Center Receives Fifth FAA Diamond Award of Excellence - AeroGuard

AeroGuard Flight Training Center Receives Fifth FAA Diamond Award of Excellence

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AeroGuard is proud to announce that the flight school has been awarded the FAA Diamond Award of Excellence for its Maintenance Department for 2023 – its fifth consecutive year of receiving the Diamond Award. This recognition emphasizes AeroGuard’s unwavering commitment to excellence and quality in flight training.

AeroGuard Flight Training Center sets a higher standard in flight training with its commitment to quality and student success. As a global leader in training future commercial airline pilots, AeroGuard upholds its standards that exceed FAA requirements to ensure its students train in an efficient and safe environment.

AeroGuard’s Maintenance Technicians have played a pivotal role in achieving this honor, demonstrating their expertise and dedication to ensuring a safe and effective environment for flight training. Their knowledge, professionalism, and attention to detail are instrumental in upholding AeroGuard’s values of safety and maintaining the highest standards of aircraft maintenance and safety protocols.


About AeroGuard Flight Training Center:

AeroGuard Flight Training Center is a global leader in ab initio flight training with three U.S. campuses that offer accelerated commercial pilot training programs to candidates from all over the world. With a commitment to safety and student success, AeroGuard’s high quality training has established airline-ready cadets for over 20 years with more than one million flight hours of training experience and graduating over 7,000 cadets.

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