AeroGuard joins 'America's Operation Thank You' for HealthCare Heroes
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AeroGuard Flight Training Center Joins the Spirit of Liberty Foundation’s ‘Operation Thank You’ to Honor Healthcare Workers and Veterans

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Phoenix-based AeroGuard Flight Training Center joined The Spirit of Liberty Foundation for its ‘America’s Operation Thank You’ a 36-day, multiple-flight, tour of the U.S. visiting 98 cities to recognize veterans, healthcare workers and first responders on the front lines during the COVID-19 pandemic.

During Operation Thank You, aircraft will fly a flag reading “Love Healthcare Heroes” and carry the Spirit of Liberty Torch across all 50 states in an effort to show respect for the brave veterans and individuals in the healthcare industry. AeroGuard Flight Training Center partnered with the Spirit of Liberty Foundation, donating a plane and pilot to fly these items from Las Vegas to Phoenix, where they will then continue their trip across the states.

“AeroGuard is extremely proud to support this operation and pay tribute to these individuals for all they have done in helping to fight COVID-19” said AeroGuard CEO Joel Davidson. “When the opportunity arose to be part of such a great effort, we jumped at the chance to help and show our support and appreciation.” he continued.

AeroGuard Flight Training Center has five flight school locations across the U.S. in AZ, TX, CA and FL, and trains students for a career as an airline pilot. While this industry has recently been impacted due to COVID-19’s effect on travel, there is an expected pilot shortage looming over the coming decades as airline travel increases and current pilots reach the FAA required retirement age.

“We realize the aviation industry has been hit hard by the virus, but in large part due to the efforts of those on the front lines, the industry will recover quickly and people will travel as they were before.”

The Spirit of Liberty relay continues across the country giving thanks to dedicated healthcare workers, first responders and veterans who muddle through these challenging and unprecedented times. To learn more about the Spirit of Liberty Foundation and The Relay in the Sky visit this link.

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