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AeroGuard Flight Training Center Aims to Solve Pilot Shortage With New Reduced Hours Course

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AeroGuard Flight Training Center is excited to announce its new FAA-Approved Reduced Hours Commercial Pilot Course, focused on saving aspiring future commercial pilots time and expense in their training.

This new course, developed in-house at AeroGuard by its team of expert flight instructors, has been specially reviewed and approved by the FAA, meeting the same high-quality standards in a lower number of flight hours than is typically necessary for a commercially rated pilot.

As part of Commercial Pilot training, the FAA sets certain flight-hour requirements, and for students training in a Part 61 setting, which is typically less structured, this is 250 hours of total flight and simulator time. In a more structured Part 141 environment, these hours are decreased to a total of 220.

AeroGuard’s new Reduced Hours course has been approved at 165 total hours, meaning that students can complete the program in up to 35% fewer total hours and 25% fewer flight-hours, providing significant time and cost savings compared with other courses or other top flight schools.

This FAA approval is based on a complete review of the AeroGuard curriculum, as well as the training environment, supporting processes, and AeroGuard personnel, requiring all areas to meet the highest quality standards.

With the Pilot Shortage in full effect, and airlines looking to quickly fill their staffing needs with highly trained pilots, this course will provide huge benefits to airlines as well as students.

AeroGuard is partnered with SkyWest Airlines, the largest U.S. regional carrier, flying under the flags of American, United, Delta and Alaska Airlines. Under this partnership, SkyWest offers AeroGuard students a Guaranteed First Officer Final Interview, and a Tuition Reimbursement following Initial Operating Experience.

AeroGuard Flight Training Center has four campuses nationwide in Arizona, Texas, and Florida. Each located in areas with ideal flight training conditions, including weather and local airspace complexity.

This new course is available at most AeroGuard locations for students that join with zero prior flight experience.

Alongside this course rollout, AeroGuard will also implement a change to its pricing to allow students to take full advantage of the reduced hour requirement.

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