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Invest in Flight School

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Your Training, Your Success

We understand the time and money you invest in AeroGuard and pilot training, and we want the best for you! To that end, AeroGuard does not charge students per flight like most flight schools. Instead, we look at the total hours you are flying. We want to save you money and allow you to learn!

Your Investment Pays Off

Flight school might cost, but being a pilot paysA commercial airline pilot salary can be up to $120,000 a year on average. Pilots of smaller jets make an average of $100,000. That means within a couple years of graduation, you can be debt free and flying high.

AeroGuard by the Numbers


  • Join over 6,000 AeroGuard graduates
  • High Graduation Rate
  • Innovative Accelerated Curriculum Moves You From Cadet to Instructor to Pilot at Major Airlines
  • Loan Option Available to Finance Your Education
  • Low Student-Instructor Ratio Means You Get Personalized Attention as a Student, Control as an Instructor

Our Students Are Motivated, Self-Disciplined, and Supported!

Man receiving pilot stripes

AeroGuard maintains a high graduation rate

because we support our cadets, providing students with tremendous resources to utilize. AeroGuard instructors want you to take advantage of study hours, speak with advisors and counselors, use the 24/7 simulator, or sit in the back of an airplane observing. Whatever it takes for you to succeed. Being able to do all of these without extra cost is crucial in helping you succeed your first time around!

Having trouble mastering a concept during training?

We provide a free amount of hours per program – paying for the overage hours. If you are struggling and one more flight would make the difference, we want you to succeed and never feel that you need to struggle financially.

Performance Improvement Plans

Ongoing Support Included in Your Tuition. If at any point you fail a mission, a test, anything twice you are placed on an improvement plan. This is support. We are going to be right there with you along the way!

Sky High Quality of Life

The innovative, accelerated AeroGuard curriculum means our students will quickly be moving from cadets to Paid Pilot Interns with benefits unique to AeroGuard. They receive paid vacation, sick time, holidays, and a guaranteed salary and all the while the constant flow of students in three programs makes for great flight time.

Our close relationship with SkyWest means AeroGuard pilots receive pilot mentorship and hiring incentives.


Investing in Your Education

When investing in your education, consider these 3 things. What is the initial cost? What are the risks? What is the potential return?

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