AeroGuard Flight School in Riverside County - French Valley Airport, Southern California

Learn to Fly at AeroGuard's Murrieta Flight Training Center

260+ days/year of beautiful blue skies

Our Murrieta Flight School takes full advantage of the environment for our students. An average high of 77°F  and 15 inches of rain a year means flight training is rarely delayed for bad weather—so you can accumulate flight hours safer and faster.

Diverse Experience

At AeroGuard we train elite pilots. Period. Taking part in the integrated 6-course program, you’ll graduate from AeroGuard with 7 Federal Aviation Administration ratings, over 225 hours of flight time, and your pilot license.

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FAA Ratings and Certificates

Our Murrieta campus is the premiere pilot training flight school in California, offering the same expert training and available ratings as our Phoenix Location. Pilots at the Murrieta can earn every core FAA rating including:

  • Private Pilot License
  • Instrument Rating
  • Commercial Pilot Single Engine
  • Certified Flight Instructor
  • Certified Flight Instructor – Instrument
  • Commercial Pilot Multi-Engine
  • Certified Flight Instructor Multi-Engine


Murrieta Campus

Murrieta, known as the ‘Gem of the Valley’ is a city on the rise in Southern California. Surrounded by the great outdoors including Lake Elsinore, Diamond Valley Lake, and the Skinner Reservoir, Murrieta makes for a wonderful home base for those who crave a more peaceful life.

Those looking for a true city experience are in luck, Murrieta is in the center of the Los Angeles-San Diego Mega-region making it just a short hour drive to two of the largest, most distinct cities in the country, each with their amazing unique opportunities for weekend fun.

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