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AeroGuard's Chandler Flight School For International Pilot Training

350 days/year of beautiful blue skies

Our Chandler Flight School takes full advantage of the environment for our students. An average high of 87°F, low of 61°F, and an average annual precipitation of .69 inches means flight training is rarely delayed for bad weather—so you can accumulate flight hours safer and faster.

Diverse Experience

The Phoenix metro area offers an incredibly diverse flying experience, having a mix of controlled (class A-E) and uncontrolled (class G) airspace. That uncontrolled airspace, located a short flight from the campus, offers a great location for pilots to practice and master flight maneuvers without distractions.

That diverse experience is helped by the number of available airports in the area. The AeroGuard Elite program will have pilots engaged with over a dozen different airports in the Phoenix area. This local training gives easy access to a wide variety of instrument approaches (over 150+!) and airport procedures, giving our pilots the real-world experience that sets them apart.

Arizona and the Southwest as a whole, have a variety of weather conditions and destinations making for great cross-country flight training.

Benefits of the Chandler FLIGHT TRAINING CENTER

  • Customizable Country-Specific Training
  • 100+ Flight Instructors
  • Housing & Transportation Options
  • Visa & Immigration Support
  • 20 Years Of Proven Success


FAA Ratings and Certifications Available at Chandler

  • Private Pilot License
  • Instrument Rating
  • Commercial Pilot – Multi-Engine
  • High-Performance Training in a Beechcraft King-Air

Programs Offered In Chandler

Benefits of Chandler

Chandler is a warm home for our international program flight school, and not just because of the temperature. Away from the hustle and bustle of Phoenix proper, the students can focus on what they are there for – to learn to fly!
Chandler is a part of the Phoenix Metro area, and with it gains access to everything from the most luxurious lifestyles to outdoor recreation. Surrounded by mountains and trails, every AeroGuard cadet can start their day with a sunrise hike.

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