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IACRA – Integrated Airman Certification and Rating Application

IACRA, or the Integrated Airman Certification and Rating Application, is what pilots and aspiring pilots use to get their airman certificates and ratings. We all know the Federal Aviation Authority, or FAA, is in charge of all pilot license applications and oversees the entire process for pilots to earn their certificates and ratings. Simply put, IACRA is just the online version of the old 8710-1 paper form that the FAA uses for this process.

The Purpose of IACRA

IACRA was created to add efficiency to the airman certification and rating application process for the FAA. This web-based application replaced and eliminated the need for paper forms. It ensures applicants meet all regulatory and policy requirements as set by the FAA and its electronic signature requirement helps to protect the integrity of the applicant’s information.

The online application was designed to simplify a pilot’s application process and is constantly updated to ensure it is user friendly. It includes a step-by-step guide from the initial login to submitting documentation making the process as easy as possible. This process ensures accurate collection, analysis and validation of pilot data. IACRA uses several FAA databases to validate and verify info needed to process each application for airman certification. Upon verification, IACRA then forwards this digital version of the 8710-1 application along with your test results to the airman registry and allows you to print temporary certificates online while you wait for your hard copy in the mail.


IACRA offers a progression of pilot certificates and licenses starting with student pilot and includes everything from your PPL to your ATP. Each license or rating requires different pilot experience, skill, and knowledge. Anyone and everyone that is looking to get a pilot certification and rating must use IACRA. This is the only way and only process to get your certifications and ratings from the FAA.

Whether you are an aspiring pilot newly enrolled at a flight school needing a student pilot certificate to work on your VFR training, or a commercial pilot that is looking to add a new type rating to your qualifications, IACRA will always be used.

Applying with IACRA

An IACRA application can be started as early as 13 years old but cannot be completed and submitted until you are within 90 days of your 14th birthday. When you begin the application process, you’ll first fill in all personal information, whether or not you hold any current certificates and ratings (student pilot certificate counts) and what those are, a section on basis of insurance as well as any pilot time you have. You’ll want to carefully review all information before submitting.

In order to complete the certification process, you’ll need to meet with an instructor that will be your RI, or Recommending Instructor. Your RI will begin to certify the checklist with you. They will verify your identity and age; they will review the privacy act with you as well as the pilot bill of rights. Once your RI confirms everything is in order and has signed off your application and TSA has vetted and approved the application as well, you will be able to print off a temporary certificate. From there, you’ll submit the application electronically to your FAA airman certification branch and you’ll receive the hard copy of your certificate in the mail.

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