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Pilot Salaries are Taking Off: United Airlines Announces New Agreement with Pilots

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United Airlines is making big strides with their new agreement that aims to retain their current population of 16,000 pilots and attract future pilots to join their airline. The major airline just announced a deal with their pilots that would not only significantly increase their salaries, but improve their retirement packages, scheduling, vacation time, and additional benefits.

With air travel in high demand and the industry becoming increasingly more competitive, United Airlines’ decision to raise pilot salaries by an impressive 40% over the next four years sends a strong message of commitment to their pilot workforce. This agreement is not only worth $10 billion, but also beneficial for their pilots and demonstrates the airline’s dedication to maintaining its position as a leader in the industry and attracting future pilots to come fly for them.

As the aviation industry becomes stronger than ever and the number of passengers seeking air travel increases consistently, major airlines like United, as well as Delta and American, are committed to competing for their positions in the industry, retaining their pilots, and bringing in the next generation of pilots. As the demand for air travel continues to rise, airlines must offer competitive salaries and benefits to secure and retain well-trained professionals. United Airlines’ decision to increase pilot salaries by 40% reflects their recognition of this ongoing challenge. By attracting and retaining both experienced and highly trained pilots, the airline strengthens its position in the competitive market while also ensuring passenger satisfaction and safety.

The pilot shortage continues to be an ongoing struggle, which contributes to the major airlines competing for the next wave of skilled and capable pilots. To help the airline in this position as well as improve their company as a whole, United has also developed their “United Next” strategy in which they have plans to expand their operations with the purchase of larger planes, increasing their seat availability in the United States by 30%. With more aircraft joining their fleet, more pilots will be needed!

Since Delta, American, and United Airlines have established new agreements with their pilots, the industry is now looking to Southwest Airlines, whose pilots are prepared to strike in the midst of their negotiations for a new contract. With pilot salaries increasing all over the nation and improvements with scheduling and benefits in the works, the pressure is on to reach an agreement like that of Delta, American, and now United.

With incredible pay increases, rewarding retirement packages, schedule restructuring, and overall quality of life improvements in these recent deals at the airlines, combined with the ongoing pilot shortage and high demand for air travel – the time to become a pilot and pursue this rewarding career is NOW. Put yourself in front of this hiring curve and start your flight training journey today. With over 7,000 successful graduates and 20 years of experience in training highly skilled pilots and upholding a professional standard and safety-first mindset, AeroGuard is prepared to set you up for success in this growing industry. Start your career today by talking to an Enrollment Advisor or visit our Programs page to learn more!

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