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At AeroGuard, we are committed to giving our cadets and CFIs the best tools available to complete their flight training and master the necessary skills. Whether that means well maintained Piper Archers, informative blogs, or in the case of this week’s topic cutting edge flight software. This time on the AeroGuard blog we are taking a closer look at some of the flight software our CFIs, cadets, and crew use to ensure the highest level of training.

Flight Software for Success

Redbird Simulators

One of the most critical training tools we use is a combination of flight software and hardware – the Redbird Simulator.

Redbird formed in 2006 with the goal to make it easier for anyone to become a pilot. In the almost 15 years since, they have produced thousands of training simulators in a dozen different models ranging from the $3,000 screen and basic controls of a JAY to the almost $200,000 Redbird AMS.

These simulators provide a constantly accessible way for AeroGuard cadets to practice. We keep them open 24/7, so while the weather might step on our toes and keep us out of the air (a rare occurrence at our Phoenix flight school) cadets and CFIs can always access one of the simulators. Provided at no extra cost, we want our cadets to take all the time they need to master their skills, taking them to the actual sky only when they are ready and sure of their abilities.


Another tool we use while on the ground is FlightReady flight software. This is an app usable on any computer, tablet, or smartphone with hours upon hours of coursework to study, complete, and review.

The hours of lessons are made by FAA-certified flight instructors who themselves have thousands of hours of experience. FlightReady includes everything from reading materials to high quality multimedia lessons.

There are a few options for FlightReady available! If you want to take a look at now, look for FlightReady Free, and you can see a limited sampling of questions that pertain to the FAA exam.We use a complete version with everything a cadet could need to learn and master the materials on their time.


In the olden days, pilots and navigators had to rely on numerous tools, charts, maps, and readings to chart their journeys. Well, they still need all of that, but thankfully with the power of technology it’s able to fit in a much more condensed form.

At AeroGuard we outfit each of our cadets with an EFB (electronic flight bag) complete with the necessary tech and software to manage the necessary information for flight. Perhaps the key program is ForeFlight.

Used by pilots and flight crews around the world to gather weather, destination, and other information necessary, ForeFlight is of the most efficient tools there is. Gathering all that into and putting it in one place makes the pilots and crews lives easier as they layout and plan their upcoming flights.

At AeroGuard, we are committed to training the best pilots, and a huge part of that is giving them the necessary tools to not just succeed, but to thrive. From apps for continuously studying to simulators, so much of becoming a top pilot is your own drive to master the skills laid out before you. That’s what makes a cadet a pilot, the push and drive to be the best, to fly where others stay on the ground.

If you’re ready to start your own journey to flight, reach out and find out how AeroGuard can help you soar!

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