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Travel Predictions: Will Thanksgiving Take Back the Crown for the Busiest Travel Day in History?

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While your local grocery store fills up with people getting those last-minute ingredients for the classic Thanksgiving fixings and families prepare to reunite over the long holiday weekend, it should come as no surprise that this Thanksgiving weekend is expected to break the record for the busiest day in U.S. air travel history. Travelers will be doing everything they can to meet the expectations of their holiday plans, getting to where they need to go by way of planes, trains, and automobiles.

The days leading up to the Thanksgiving holiday and the Sunday after are always the busiest which usually encompass the busiest day in air travel history. However, earlier this year, June 30th claimed the title as the “busiest day in U.S. air travel history” with 2.9 million people screened. TSA predicts that this Thanksgiving travel weekend will take back the title as they are projecting November 21st will screen 2.5 million passengers, November 22nd to screen 2.7 million passengers, and November 26th to screen 2.9 million passengers. Sunday the 26th will be giving June 30th a run for its money!

As we prepare for busy stores, buzzing streets, and full stomachs, the airports are preparing for a record-breaking number of passengers to pass through their gates over the next seven days. While these days will be the busiest, TSA expects more than 30 million passengers total from November 17th to November 28th, when the first leg of holiday travel wraps up before Christmas and New Year’s rush.

Airports and airlines are feeling the pressure as they commit to maintaining timely arrivals and departures throughout the week. United Airlines, American Airlines, and Delta Airlines all expect Sunday, November 26th to be their busiest travel day with over 60,000 more passengers expected to fly than in previous years.

If you’re a committed guest and need to bring a dish to your get-together, don’t worry! TSA shared that a number of your Thanksgiving favorites can travel in your carry-on bag including baked goods, stuffing, casseroles, vegetables, fruit, and spices. If you’re bringing the family’s secret recipe for sauces, gravy, or jams, then TSA suggests you pack that in your checked baggage (carefully)!

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