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How to Get the Most Out of Your SkyWest Mentor

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Mentorships are continuing to grow and become more and more popular in different careers. Many people recognize that mentors are important and a great way to discover more about your career, the different paths you can take and even about yourself. Finding the right mentor can benefit your career tremendously. 

At AeroGuard, we are partnered with SkyWest Airlines, a top regional airline, and with that partnership comes a mentorship. The Pilot Pathway Program allows students to train at AeroGuard and integrate into SkyWest with mentors and networking opportunities. Once you have your mentor, you might wonder how to get the most out of the relationship. Don’t worry, we have you covered. Below we list 5 ways to get the most out of your SkyWest mentor. 

1.  Consistent meeting schedule

When first meeting with your mentor, you want to be sure you set a schedule that will work for both of you to meet and keep it! This can be meeting once every two weeks, once a month or whatever is best for your schedule, but be sure this is a schedule you can both stick to. Sticking to the schedule will ensure that you continue to meet with one another and get the most out of your mentor. Your SkyWest mentor most likely has a busy schedule — they didn’t get to the position they have now without lots of flying, simulations and studying! Be sure you are respectful of your mentor’s time since they are meeting with you and guiding you in your aviation journey! 

2.  Ask the right questions

Coming to your scheduled meetings with a list of questions can help you get the most out of your SkyWest mentorship. Often times, mentees are unsure what to ask or what they want to gain out of a mentorship, so speak with your mentor about what they also hope to help you with and gain out of this. Having a list of questions to guide you can help you stay focused, but don’t worry if it goes off track, it can still be beneficial. Just use these questions as a loose guide to get the ball rolling with your SkyWest mentor.

3.  Curiosity

When asking your questions, don’t be afraid to be out there and curious. Your mentor will enjoy you stepping out of your comfort zone to really grow as a student and a pilot. You’ll want to ask questions that draw in your mentor and make them think deeply about the answers they give you. You’ll also want to learn about the tasks and training that may frighten you at first. Ask questions and get as much information from your mentor as possible. Before you know it, you’ll be excited for the tasks that may have once scared you.

4.  Give and get

You not only get advice and information from your SkyWest mentor, but you can also give them advice as well! By both of you being able to give and receive advice and tough love, this will allow your relationship to grow. While you may be unsure just how you can give advice to your mentor, over time, it will naturally flow and without even realizing it you are sharing some of your knowledge and experience. 

5.  Keep in touch

Make sure you keep the connection you made with with your mentor. Your mentor has taken time out of their busy schedule to take you under their wing and give you advice. Your mentor not only helps you with your SkyWest career, but can also help you in so many other ways outside of a career. They can lead you to finding your true passion inside and outside of aviation. By keeping in contact and occasionally meeting up, you can keep your relationship going. 

Many commercial pilots can list one person or a few people who mentored them during training. AeroGuard’s flight training programs give you SkyWest mentors to help you grow and develop personally as well as career wise. Your mentors are here to educate you through their own experience and knowledge. As you advance in your SkyWest careers, you’ll want to keep your mentor near you to continue to guide you through your path in aviation. 

Mentors are not only here to help you and give you advice, but may even lead to potential open doors once your training is complete. You never know the connections your mentor can have, so be sure to stay in contact and show them your appreciation for guiding you. If you are looking to attend flight school contact us today! At AeroGuard, we are committed to you, your safety and your success through your entire aviation career. 

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