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5 Reasons Female Pilots Are Excited About Their Career Choice

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If you are dreaming of becoming a pilot, you aren’t alone! In the past century, planes have become one of the most common modes of transportation. Amelia Earhart, known as “Lady Lindy”, was one of the first female pilots in history. She was an American aviation pioneer for flying the first female solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean.

Over the years, becoming a female pilot has grown in popularity. However, women cover a small percentage of pilots today. Less than 10% of pilots in the air are women, but this career is growing! 7% of all U.S. FAA certifications are now held by female pilots, with 4.4% being U.S. airline pilots. At AeroGuard, we encourage young women to pursue the aviation career they’ve always dreamed of. Listed below are 5 reasons women should become pilots.

1.  Enjoy the perks of being a pilot

Who wouldn’t want to travel the world and get paid to do it? After becoming a Certified Flight Instructor and earning your flight hours, you may have the ability to travel the world – flying throughout the United States, to Europe and even Asia. AeroGuard’s partnership with SkyWest is a stepping stone for you to move throughout the aviation world.

2.  Be a role model for young women

Young women can be inspired by another woman in uniform — this could be you! Many women do not view aviation as a potential career because there are not many female pilots for them to look to as role models. Not only could you be a role model, but some of these young women may even consider enrolling in flight school because of you. 

3.  You develop leadership skills

In the cockpit, you will have to learn to make quick decisions and become the leader. No matter the size of the aircraft you are in control of, you take responsibility for the outcome and decisions made. If you are training, your instructor will help you, but you are also learning how to make these quick decisions on your own! As you train, you will become more confident in your decisions and gain more knowledge on the best decisions to make.

4.  You get to show your family and friends your lifestyle

There is nothing like being able to show your family and friends the life you live as a female pilot! Depending on the airline you work for, you can often receive frequent flyer miles, allowing you to fly with friends and family for vacation. Showing the skies to people you’re close with will help them understand just why you love to be a pilot.

5.  The office has an unbeatable view

Maybe you’re tired of your 9-5 job in the office. Becoming a pilot allows you to step out of the norm and fly 12-15 days a month. Who doesn’t get sick of staring at a blank wall and repeating the same job over and over again? As a pilot, you have the option to see a different view nearly every day. Your flight routes will allow your office to become skylines and clouds. We all love seeing skylines as we drive into a city, so imagine flying over it and having a bird’s-eye view.


While there are many female flight attendants working their way up in the corporate ranking of their airline, there are still few female pilots taking control in the cockpit. Being a pilot allows you to sit above first-class while seeing the world from a bird’s-eye view. You are in charge of flying one of the best and most well-known transportation machines. You are able to see storms rolling in, clouds lifting to reveal the sun as light dances across them and view stars like no one has ever seen before.

If become a pilot sounds interesting to you, enroll with AeroGuard! We encourage our female pilots to step into the plane and take over. We offer multiple programs including: Pilot Pathway Program, Rotor Transition Program and our International Program. Contact us to start your aviation program today!

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