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6 of the Best Things About Being a Pilot

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As a career, being a pilot is hands down one of the best in the world! The airline industry is booming and demand for pilots is skyrocketing. According to Boeing, more than 600,000 pilots will be needed by 2036.

Over the past century, air travel has taken off dramatically. From moving between continents using ships over months at a time to now flying across the world in less than 24 hours. Not only is there a demand for commercial pilots, but there is also an increase in demand for freight planes as well.

In today’s industry of perpetual movement, and with so many job opportunities available, becoming a pilot could be the best move for you! With high demand for the industry, there are also many perks that come with the job. Being a pilot is an incredibly rewarding profession, you can imagine the satisfaction after landing a flight. Here are just some of the perks of being a pilot!

1. Travel

Let’s be real, who doesn’t love to travel? As a pilot, your career is to travel! Seeing new places, trying new foods, going between states or countries, all around the globe – you are able to explore so much more. With the experience of different cultures and stories to tell loved ones about different places, you’ll be a hit at the next gathering! Go you!

2. The View

There’s a reason passengers always want to book the window seat! Instead of staring at a brick wall or out a small window with no view you’ll have some of the most beautiful sights in the world from your window. Whether you see a lunar eclipse, a sunrise or sunset over the Alps, or the northern lights you’ll never be sick of these views. It is a point of view, so few of us ever get to experience!

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3. Family Benefits

We understand that being a pilot can be difficult when you aren’t able to spend the standard ‘off hours’ with your family and friends. However, as a pilot you are able to access discounted – and sometimes free – tickets for loved ones. Not only does this mean amazing vacations on the way, but you’ll often times be able to receive hotel discounts too. Depending on the airline you work with there will be differences in rules in-regard-to family benefits, but suffice to say as a pilot you can share the unique experience of travel with your family.

4. Challenge Yourself

You are constantly learning as a pilot. You not only have to hit the books but you also have hands-on training. Learning how to control the plane, take-off, land, and speaking and understanding with your crew. The challenge is never knowing how a flight may go but showing up, working with your crew to chart and plan and executing your flight plans. A flight can be charted, but it’s up to the pilots and crew to make it happen.

5. Free Time

Working around 2-3 weeks a month means you are able to enjoy an entire week to yourself. This time means you can spend it in a new city or country or go home and be with your loved ones. It is up to you how you want to enjoy your free time. With the ability to fly around the world your options are practically unlimited.

6. Meet New People

Working as a pilot you are constantly meeting new people. Whether they are passengers, your crew, neighbors in cities, or in the airport you are introduced to more people than you could imagine. From one culture to another you will be amazed at the amount of people you get to know and befriend.

Being a pilot enables you to have your dream job and do what you love. You can travel the world, see it in a way that very few people ever get to, and experience life around the world. You are a pilot, a captain of not just a plane but of your own life! Making your dream a reality is not as difficult as you may think, contact us to speak with an academic advisor and prepare for lift off!

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