Pay-As-You-Go Flight Training | Part-Time Program

Pay-As-You-Go Flight Training

If you’re ready to begin your flight training journey but a full-time, accelerated program isn’t suitable for you or your aviation aspirations, AeroGuard offers an excellent pay-as-you-go route. Through this program, you’ll be able to fly and train in accordance with your own availability, managing your own training needs to meet your goals and schedule.

With a sharp focus on safety and high-quality curriculum, AeroGuard is recognized as a premier flight school, providing students with the tools and resources they need to reach their goals. Through part-time training, students will have the opportunity to benefit from flexibility in their flight training timeline, and pay only for the hourly resources they use. Individuals will advance based on their availability and dedication to their studies.

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Program Details

The pay-as-you-go program is uniquely tailored for each student, meaning course hours and duration will vary depending on the individual’s progress, with students only paying for what they require.

Program tuition will be quoted based on each student’s level of experience and their objectives, but actual training may vary from this quote based on performance.

Given the nature of this flexible program, students can join or complete their program at any point. Possible programs therefore include:

  • Single Pilot Ratings
  • Certified Flight Instructor Rating
  • Multi-Engine Add-ons


Since the program is part-time, financing is not an option.

Success in the Pay-As-You-Go Program

AeroGuard’s pay-as-you-go program is geared to help students accomplish their aviation goals, whatever they may be. In this program, students will be able to take advantage of part-time training that is built around their schedule at hourly resource rates.

At AeroGuard, students have access to flight simulators, workshops, an exceptional fleet of over 70 aircraft, committed instructors and more, and it’s important to utilize these tools to shape their own success. This program allows students to explore their options in the aviation world and determine the path that’s right for them.

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