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Multi-Engine Instructor (MEI) – 1-Week Add-on

If you’re a flight instructor with a CPLME rating, seeking to add a multi-engine rating to your certificate, then AeroGuard is the place you want to go. AeroGuard’s 1-week add-on program allows you to complete your MEI training in just 9 days. Available at any one of AeroGuard’s locations across the country, this Part 61 course will develop pilots’ know-how on everything necessary to earn their multi-engine rating.

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MEI Training through AeroGuard’s 1-Week Add-On Program

Through this 9-day training program, students will have access to AeroGuard’s high-quality training in a uniquely structured curriculum with expertly maintained aircraft to help keep them on track. Once they’re enrolled, students will receive a ground school study packet on important information regarding AeroGuard’s planes, procedures and local airspace information that they’re expected to learn before classes begin. Learning this information prior to coming on campus means students can maximize their time here for training missions.

On their first day, students will be taking a written test and oral evaluation to confirm their preparedness and familiarization with this material. If they’re able to successfully complete these exams, their checkride is scheduled for Day 9 of the program. If they do not, however, students will not be scheduled for their checkride until they’re prepared, and their training time would have to be extended. Once the checkride has been booked, the fee cannot be refunded.

Accelerated MEI Training Timeline

On their first day, in addition to their written and oral examinations, students will have a 30-minute brief and a 2-hour session in the flight simulator as they begin to understand the aircraft  they will be flying, Piper Seminole, and start practicing maneuvers. Some examples of maneuvers that will be completed during this course are short-field takeoff and climb, steep turns, slow flight, power-on stall, power-off stall, maneuvering by referencing instruments and more.

On Day 2, students will transition to the aircraft itself from the simulator and start practicing the same maneuvers during flight. There will be two flights that are 1.8 hours each to focus on these maneuvers.

On Day 3, students will complete a 2-hour brief with their instructor covering emergency procedures, such as emergency descents, engine fire, engine failure and flying single engine. This is then followed by a 1.8-hour flight later that day preceded by a half hour brief with the instructor. The goal of this flight is to practice those same emergency procedures in actual flight.

On Day 4, students will have another 1.8 hours in the plane to hone their skills and add proficiency, followed by a two hour brief that afternoon where they will begin to show their skills as an instructor and teach their instructor the material they’ve learned.

Day 5 brings another 1.7 hour practice flight focusing on any procedures or maneuvers the student still needs proficiency in, followed by a 2 hour brief on learning the aircraft’s systems such as the electrical system, landing gear, and propeller system.

Finally, Day 6 will provide one final 1.7 hour flight,  which is their last shot to master their skills before the stage check. There will then be another 2 hour briefing where the student will again be teaching back the aircraft systems to their instructor.

Due to AeroGuard’s safety rules and duty day procedures, pilots may not train 7 consecutive days, so Day 7 offers students a chance to relax, absorb and study these materials at home ahead of their final evaluation flight, a final oral and practical exam in preparation for their checkride, on Day 8. If all goes well, the Checkride itself will be on Day 9!

Once they finish their checkride and pass, the student is now MEI-rated!

MEI Cost Breakdown

The cost breakdown for the AeroGuard MEI 1-Week Add-On program is as follows:

Seminole – Dual Instruction – 14 Hours
Seminole – Simulator FTD – 2 Hours
Seminole – Checkride – 2 Hours
Instructor Briefing – 16 Hours
Checkride Fee – 1 Unit
Books, Materials, & Administration (iPad not included) – 1 Unit
Grand Total – $9,460

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Your Success in the MEI Add-On Program

AeroGuard’s MEI program is built to help students reach their goals of adding their multi-engine rating to their CFI certificate. Because of its accelerated nature, students enrolled in this course must be laser-focused on their studies and learning to complete their program within the set timeline.

Due to it’s 9-day timeframe, students from across the country can easily travel to any one of AeroGuard’s campuses to complete their MEI training and still fit it comfortably within their everyday lives. AeroGuard can also help those traveling from out of state retrieve special rates with nearby hotels.

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