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1-Week Add-On – Commercial Pilot Multi-Engine (CPLME)

If you’re a commercial pilot looking to add a multi-engine rating onto your current commercial pilot certificate, AeroGuard offers a unique Part 61 program to do so in about 1 week! In just 9 days on campus, pilots will acquire the skill and knowledge needed to earn their multi-engine rating, studying material ahead of time, and concentrating their efforts to meet all of the requirements and flight proficiency in their short time on campus. Students can complete their 1-week CPLME add-on at any one of 5 AeroGuard campuses that have been strategically placed in ideal weather conditions for accelerated flight training across the country.

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CPLME 1-Week Add-on Course at AeroGuard

Throughout the 9 day period, students will have access to expertly maintained aircraft and high quality instruction keeping them on track. Students will need to remain dedicated to AeroGuard’s structured curriculum and fast-paced training from day 1. Immediately following enrollment, pilots are provided with a packet that includes study material they’ll need to absorb prior to beginning class regarding the planes, procedures, and knowledge requirements needed to fly in the dedicated airspaces in and around each campus.

On their first day of school students can expect to take a written test as well as an oral evaluation to ensure they’re prepared to train and have learned the information provided to them. Should they complete the evaluations successfully, their checkride will be scheduled for Day 9. Students should know that once the checkride is booked, it cannot be refunded. If students do not pass this test, they won’t be scheduled for their checkride until they have obtained the knowledge they need.

CPLME Training Timeline

On the first day on campus, in addition to the tests they’ll take and a 1-hour brief, students will complete a 30-minute brief and utilize the flight simulator for 2 hours gaining familiarly with a multi-engine plane and being introduced to the maneuvers, procedures and checklist flow.

On their second day of training, students will complete a 30-minute brief in addition to two hours in the flight simulator further familiarizing themselves with the multi-engine aircraft and practicing these procedures. Students will then execute a 1-hour brief on the multi-engines systems and malfunction processes with their instructor to complete the day.

On day 3 of their training, students will complete two flights with their instructor in the twin engine plane for 1.5 hours each, 3 hours total. These flights will focus on practicing these same procedures and maneuvers in an actual flight environment.

On Day 4, students will start with a 1-hour brief covering multi engine plane aerodynamics and single engine minimal controllable airspeed. They will then execute a mission of 1 hour in the simulator preceded by a half hour brief with their instructor. This mission will cover emergency procedures in a controlled environment.

During day 5, students will move into the plane to practice the same emergency procedures from the day before during actual flight. This mission will last approximately 1.5 hours and will be followed by an hour briefing with the instructor to further develop their ground training and systems understanding.

On day 6, students will complete a brief prior to their 1.5-hour flight putting together all of the maneuvers and emergency procedures covered to that point in preparation for their checkride. Students will complete two of these flights within the same day and may run back to back.

By Day 7, students have covered all of the new information they will need to learn, so this day is used for rest. AeroGuard has strict safety protocols which means absolutely no missions 7 days in a row. Students need to use this day to recover from the intense week of training they just completed but may still choose to study at home in preparation for their checkride.

Day 8 consists of one last brief with their instructor to confirm their level of knowledge and get any outstanding questions they may have answered by their instructor. Then comes the final evaluation flight, completed with a separate Aeroguard flight instructor to ensure the pilot is ready for their checkride the following day. The evaluation flight is will consist of an hour for the oral portion and 1.8 hours for the practical flight portion.

On day 9, they’re ready for their checkride! After which, if successfully completed, they’ll earn their CPLME rating!

CPLME Cost Breakdown

Tuition breakdown for the CPLME program is as follows:

Seminole – Dual Instruction – 9.5 Hours
Seminole – Simulator FTD – 5 Hours
Seminole – Checkride – 2 Hours
Instructor Briefing – 10 Hours
Checkride Fee – 1 Unit
Books, Materials & Administration (iPad not included) – 1 Unit
Grand Total – $6,155

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Success in the CPLME Add-On Program

The CPLME program at AeroGuard is built to help experienced pilots earn their multi-engine rating and add it to their current certificate. This is an accelerated course, meaning it’s imperative for students to focus and immerse themselves in their studies to earn their rating within the given time frame.

Wherever a student may reside within the country, the 1-Week CPLME Add-on makes it easy to earn the additional rating in a time-efficient manner so students are required to be away from home, family, or work for too long. Students can attend class at the campus nearest to their home state and enrollment advisors can help retrieve special rates with hotels nearby.

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