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Certified Flight Instructor Instrument (CFII) – 1-Week Add-on

If you’re interested in adding an instrument rating onto your flight instructor certification, AeroGuard offers an exceptional program to help you reach your goals in an accelerated, condensed format. In this Part 61 program, students will gain the knowledge and skills needed to obtain their instrument add-on in just 6 days on campus! Students can accomplish their CFII rating add-on at any one of AeroGuard’s 5 campuses across the country offering ideal weather conditions for accelerated training.

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CFII 1-Week Add-On Training at AeroGuard

In this program, it’s extremely important for students to concentrate and make the most of their time, taking advantage of AeroGuard’s high-quality instruction and excellent training to successfully complete this 6-day, fast-paced course. With AeroGuard’s on-site aircraft maintenance, students can rest assured they’re entering ready-to-fly aircraft when needed. After enrolling, students will be provided with a packet containing material they’ll need to study and understand before arriving on campus. This packet covers AeroGuard operating practices and procedures for pilots to carefully look over and familiarize themselves with. In addition, students must pass the FII (Flight Instructor – Instrument) FAA Knowledge Test prior to starting on campus, and be familiar with the Instrument Procedures Handbook and the Instrument Flying Handbook.

As experienced aviators, students can expect to begin training immediately when they arrive on Day 1 with both a written test and oral evaluation prepared by their instructor based on the material in the study packet. If they complete the evaluations successfully, the checkride will be scheduled to occur just 6 days later. If not, however, their checkride will not be scheduled until they are properly prepared. Students should note that this checkride fee cannot be refunded once booked.

1-Week Accelerated CFII Training Timeline

As part of the first day of training, students will take their written and oral exam with inclusion of a 2-hour brief in preparation for their flight simulator training the following day.

On Day 2 of training, students will complete a 30-minute brief ahead of a 2-hour mission in the RedBird Simulator, practicing basic attitude instrument flying from the right seat, including maneuvers and unusual attitudes. For the remainder of Day 2, students will brief again for 30 minutes and take their first flight for 1.5 hours in which they will implement the movements they performed in the simulator with intercepting, tracking and partial panel.

In Day 3, students can expect a 30-minute brief and a 1.5-hour flight that will involve departure procedures, holds and arrival procedures. This is followed by another 30-minute brief and a 1.7-hour flight with the addition of approaches to finish out the day.

In Day 4, students will execute a 30-minute brief in addition to a 1.7-hour flight for more practice. The day is completed with a half-hour brief and 1.8-hour flight with distance measuring equipment (DME) Arcs.

On Day 5, if the student has satisfactorily completed the course, students will have their CFII evaluation flight with a separate AeroGuard flight instructor to ensure they’re ready for their checkride. This will consist of a 3-hour oral evaluation on their knowledge followed by a 1.8-hour flight to test their practical skills.

Day 6 is the checkride! Here, students will apply all they’ve learned with a DPE to earn their rating – all in under a week!

CFII Cost Breakdown

The breakdown for the cost of this program is shown below:

Archer – Dual Instruction – 10 Hours
Archer – Simulator FTD – 2 Hours
Archer – Checkride – 2 Hours
Instructor Briefing – 8 Hours
Checkride Fee – 1 Unit
Books, Materials & Administration (iPad not included) – 1 Unit
GRAND TOTAL – $5,290

For additional information regarding cost, please contact an Enrollment Advisor.

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Success in the CFII 1-Week Add-On Program

AeroGuard’s goal is to ensure students have all they need to advance in this program. From first-class curriculum to hands-on resources, AeroGuard students are on track for success. Due to the accelerated nature of the course, it’s essential for students to be on top of their studies and dedicated to their education as they progress through the course and work toward their rating.

Students from all over the country can enjoys the great flying weather at AeroGuard’s 5 campus locations in order to complete this accelerated 6-day course. Adding an instrument rating to your existing CFI can make you more marketable in the job market allowing you to train more students and gain your 1500 hours faster. Get started today and ask our enrollment advisors how they can help you with discounted hotel rates at your nearby campus.

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