1-Week Pilot Rating Add-Ons from AeroGuard Flight Training Center

1-Week Add-On Programs

At AeroGuard, we provide students with exceptional accelerated flight training, keeping their goals as a top priority, including their pace of training. Through AeroGuard’s four 1-Week add-on programs, experienced pilots are able to add a rating to their current certificate over the course of about a week.

While each specific add-on may vary in length, all can be completed in about 1 week ranging specifically from 6 to 9 days of training. Each program follows a similar model where students will receive a study guide 1-week prior to the start of training. On the first day of training, students will take and be expected to pass their written exam and their subsequent practical missions and checkride will already be scheduled over the week that follows.

Pilots and aspiring pilots from all over the country have made AeroGuard their top choice for flight training due to AeroGuard’s carefully optimized curriculum and choice of campuses that have been strategically placed in areas of the country that offer ideal flying conditions. Pilots can enjoy these great weather conditions and complete their 1-week add-on program at any of AeroGuard’s campuses.

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1-Week Add-On Courses

1-Week Add-On Training Schedules

Due to the extremely accelerated nature of these 1-week add-on programs, students are not tied to specific start dates like some of AeroGuard’s full-time training programs. Students in a 1-Week Add-On program, can start anytime they’d like. The unique structure and timeline also make it feasible for even the busy, working professional to take a week off to complete their rating and not have to spend too much time away from work or family. AeroGuard staff can even assist those traveling from out of state garner nearby hotels at a discounted rate.

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