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AeroGuard Flight Training Center Provides Clear Path to SkyWest Airlines and 4 Major Airlines

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AeroGuard Flight Training Center is excited to announce that through its partnership with SkyWest Airlines, it is now able to provide a clear path to four major airlines, Delta, United, Alaska, and most recently Southwest Airlines, through a Guaranteed Pilot Interview Program (GPI).

AeroGuard has partnered with SkyWest Airlines for the past five years, and as part of that relationship, their Pilot Pathway Program has offered a clear path for students to build their flight experience and join SkyWest Airlines with a guaranteed First Officer interview and Tuition Reimbursement.

Now, as the demand for pilots increases, SkyWest Airlines has announced agreements with the four major airlines such that SkyWest Captains of two years can receive Guaranteed Pilot Interviews with each of them.

This means that from the moment a student joins AeroGuard Flight Training Center, with no necessary prior experience, their path to become an airline pilot at four different major airlines is clear and predictable.

After completing the program as a student, with 7 FAA Ratings and Certificates, AeroGuard Graduates are offered a Guaranteed Interview for a Flight Instructor position with AeroGuard to build their flight experience to the required minimum, typically 1,500 hours, while earning a salary and benefits.

After these pilots have gained the required flight time, which typically takes about 2.5 years from their start as a student, they are then guaranteed a First Officer Final Interview with SkyWest Airlines, where following acceptance and completion of Initial Operating Experience, they will also receive a Tuition Reimbursement of $17,500.

Now SkyWest Airlines has announced Guaranteed Pilot Interviews with Delta, United, Alaska, and most recently Southwest Airlines, for pilots to upgrade to captain for a two-year period. This makes the full career path from student pilot to premier regional, to Major Airline clear at every step.

Since the COVID Pandemic, demand for air travel is exceptionally high, and there has never been a better time to become a pilot. This program with AeroGuard and SkyWest is unique in offering pilots a choice of four major airlines and providing the pilot control over their career and timeline.

AeroGuard Flight Training Center has four locations nationwide and focuses on developing future airline pilots through a high-quality curriculum, accelerated training and professional training environment.

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