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California Flight Schools

California is an incredible place to live and meet your goal of becoming a pilot. With its beautiful surrounding nature, rich culture and variety of entertainment options, California offers what you’re looking for. When it comes to learning to fly, there’s no better combination than ideal weather and scenic views. Flight schools in California provide excellent conditions for those ready to make their aviation dreams reality. AeroGuard’s California flight school renders high-quality, accelerated training, geared for student success.

Riverside Flight School
French Valley Airport (F70)
37680 Sky Canyon Drive #4
Murrieta, CA 92563

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Flight Schools in California: AeroGuard Programs

At AeroGuard’s California flight school, students have a variety of programs available to them, including Pilot Pathway, Rotor Transition and Pay as You Go. Depending on their goals and experience, students will be able to decide which route they’ll want to take to best fit their needs.

Whichever program you decide to utilize for your success, AeroGuard’s California flight school provides students with quality curriculum and a sharp focus on safety, made to help students reach their goals.

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California Flight Schools – Cost and Financing

Students can benefit from the help of AeroGuard’s financing to make these expenses more manageable. AeroGuard students also have the option of paying for their training as they go. No matter which training route they take, AeroGuard’s California flight school is prepared to shape students into well-rounded, strong pilots.

Experience California

There are several reasons to attend flight schools in California and just as many to live there. The possibilities for experience are endless. Ready to unlock your adventurous side? Here, you’ll admire the stunning landscape and warm weather for outdoor activities, diverse population, music scene and delectable food. Whether you’re flying or have your feet planted on the ground, living in and attending airline pilot school in California is a great option.

AeroGuard’s accelerated flight school in California offers the program you’re looking for, built to help students reach their full potential. The ideal weather conditions make it a stellar choice to learn to fly and build hours – and with close proximity to southern California beaches, there’s so much to enjoy!

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