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Surefire Ways to Succeed: FAA Written Test Prep and You

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While aspiring pilots are out there dreaming of mastering their maneuvers, it’s important to remember that there is another necessary step in their journey taking FAA written tests. Preparing for these might not seem as glamorous as life in the cockpit, but if you want to be a pilot, you need to meet all the requirements. A good rule of thumb is to study 10 hours for every hour in flight. This time on the blog, we want to give you some tips for FAA written test prep and answer some questions surrounding it!

First things first, we need to make it clear: there are a number of different FAA written exams. While at AeroGuard, there are six total tests, roughly one per certificate (this does not always count additional ratings to existing certificates).

For any certificate, a student will need to complete the written test (covered below), as well as the practical test which includes an oral exam. At AeroGuard, we prioritize success, allowing students to complete the written tests within 5 weeks of their rating, ensuring that they have solid cognizance for the rest of the program.

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FAA Written Test Prep – What to Know

Plan Your Tests

Taking your tests while you are going through flight school can be beneficial. The flying and knowledge gained for the testing should complement each other. Getting the test finished earlier means you have a strong foundation to build on.

The curriculum at AeroGuard is accelerated, allowing cadets to progress at a rapid rate. Utilizing the FAA written test prep and taking the tests before the majority of the flight training can let you spend your time focusing on mastering the skills at hand.

Use Free FAA Test Prep Materials

There is a wealth of free, easily accessible material out there for you to use in your test prep, but be sure to research them! Some may be out of date, or flat-out wrong. Look for a resource that is recommended by your fellow pilots. 

There are plenty of practice tests out there, don’t hesitate to take them! While the questions are rarely the exact same as the real FAA written test, they will be on similar subjects in a similar format and will help you become accustomed to the way the test works and give you confidence.

Go Over Sample Exams

The FAA has published sample exam questions for each certificate out there including:

Each of the above sample exams feature similar questions and formatting to what you will see on the real thing. Get yourself acclimated to the types of questions and how they are presented. This way, you’ll be getting off on the right foot.

Standard Test Taking Tips

Of course, follow the standard test taking tips to help you succeed! Read the directions, preview the test before starting to make any answers. This will get your brain thinking about the material at hand and can help you recall the needed information faster.

Once you have started jotting answers, go through the easier questions first! Getting through the sections you find easy first will help you out in a few ways. For one, getting all the easy questions out of the way first will help ensure you get through as much of the test as possible first, freeing up your time to focus and work on the harder portions. 

Ask for Help!

If you don’t take your written tests until after you have started with AeroGuard, you will have another incredible resource available to you: pilot mentors and advisors! These are professionals who have gone through the materials and the tests themselves and know what to expect. They can give you the one- on-one attention you may need, whether that’s in memorizing simple concepts or understanding complex topics. 

You can also work in a study group! Being a part of a face-to-face, in-person study group can help avoid procrastination, encourage you to think creatively and build other skills that will help in your career like communication.

AeroGuard so clearly leads the pack for testing that other flight schools rely on our capabilities to help their students. We have an on-campus Computer Assisted Testing Service (CATS), an asset other schools lack.

No matter how you approach it, AeroGuard is here to help you become a pilot and start the career of your dreams! To find out more or to enroll with AeroGuard today, reach out and an enrollment advisor can answer any questions you may have!

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