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How AeroGuard Helps with Relocation to Arizona

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At AeroGuard we understand just how difficult it can be to relocate to a new city or state for flight school. That’s why AeroGuard offers housing options for students. When flying with AeroGuard, students can live with other students in the program in dormitory style living at a nearby apartment complex. Furnishings and utilities are included. We want to make relocation to Arizona or any campus as easy as possible for you!

Our Pilot Pathway Program with SkyWest gives cadets the ability to remain near campus for flight training while integrating into SkyWest culture. During your training you have the chance to network with mentors and build the framework for your success as a pilot.

Student housing comes fully-furnished with amenities including:

  • Fitness center
  • Pool
  • Spa
  • Wireless internet
  • BBQ/picnic areas
  • Outdoor firepits
  • Walk-in closets
  • Washer/dryer unit
  • And so much more!

Relocation to Arizona is not always the easiest so we make sure that we provide you with a great apartment in a great location. All AeroGuard student housing is located within 5 miles of the campus. AeroGuard also focuses on affordable rent for our students. With fixed rent pricing we make sure it does not raise while you are a student in flight school. AeroGuard makes sure to help you by giving you an option to choose a tuition with a housing model to be financed through a loan partner.

Reasons to Relocate to Arizona

It is important to have nice weather for flight school – and where could be better to learn to fly than Phoenix with nearly 350 days per year of available flying weather. Our Phoenix and Chandler Flight Schools take full advantage of the environment. An average of only 10 inches of rain per year means there are rarely delays or groundings caused by bad weather. Arizona’s great climate will help you to finish your training and flight hours quickly and safely.

The diverse experience in the Phoenix area has a mix of controlled (class A-E) and uncontrolled (class G) airspace. All of this airspace allows our students to practice maneuvers and master a variety of flying principles. Arizona is one of the best states to learn to fly due to the variety of weather conditions and destinations for cross-country flight training.

Benefits of Our Arizona Flight Training Centers

  • Weather briefing and flight training facilities
  • Study center with cockpit procedure trainers and desktop flight simulators
  • Official testing center for Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) written exams
  • Federal Aviation Regulations Part 145 repair station for around-the-clock maintenance
  • Dispatch center
  • Bookstore for all uniform and flight materials
  • On-site academic advisor open to all students whenever they need help
  • 100+ flight instructors

Relocation to Arizona is well worth it for AeroGuard. Not only will you be training with one of the best flight schools in the country, but you will also be able to experience life in one of the best U.S. cities. Phoenix has become the fifth largest city in the United States with so much to do from professional sports games to outdoor activities you can’t go wrong with moving to Arizona. If you are interested in starting your career in aviation contact us today!  

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