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Importance of Pilot Seniority in an Airline

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It’s likely you’ve heard, “seniority is everything”. Well, at an airline, it’s true! The money you earn, your position within the airline and your schedule are determined based on pilot seniority. Essentially, your seniority governs your overall quality of life in your career.

What is seniority, exactly? Pilot seniority refers to the length of time a pilot has been employed with one specific airline. The pilot employed the longest has the highest seniority, while the newest-hired pilot is lowest on the seniority list. Becoming an airline pilot requires a great deal of studying and training, but with an extremely rewarding outcome.

Advantages of Pilot Seniority

1. Pay Increase

With many careers, you can typically expect an increase in your salary as you gain experience and continue working for the company. In fact, the same goes with flying for the airlines. Moving your way up on the seniority list ultimately leads to more pay.

2. Career Progression

Pilot seniority affects how quickly you move forward in your career. The sooner you’re employed with an airline, the sooner you’re able to advance in your career and upgrade to captain.

3. Scheduling and Time Off

Your flying schedule is determined by your seniority as well. If you’re looking to enjoy a much-needed vacation, or spend a holiday with your family, your seniority affects that, too. Often, major holidays are reserved for senior pilots to take off for vacation. Those with the highest pilot seniority power are given these entitlements.

Pay increases, career advancements, your flying schedule and vacation time are incredible perks that come along with pilot seniority. There has never been a better time to get hired at an airline – AeroGuard can help you accomplish that!

Get Started Now

If you’d like to enjoy the benefits of pilot seniority, then you’ll want to get started as quickly as possible. Your seniority is activated shortly after starting with AeroGuard, meaning that you’re building your seniority throughout your training and time as an instructor. You’ll also benefit from higher seniority within your SkyWest ground school class, which provides you with a greater pick at sim schedule and domicile. The sooner you finish your pilot training and begin working for an airline, the sooner you can work your way up and gain higher status.

Training with an accelerated flight school like AeroGuard allows you to jumpstart your career as a pilot. In just 2 years, you can become an airline pilot and have a guaranteed interview with SkyWest Airlines!

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