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More Than Just Our Flight School in Austin

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We are all so excited about our flight school in Austin and as new cadets and CFIs alike flock to the Live Music Capital of the World, we wanted to look at just some of the things that make Austin, Texas a great place to train, live and fly!  ‘Keep Austin Weird,’ this time on the AeroGuard blog!

AeroGuard is excited to expand our network to include our new flight school in Austin, and it’s not just because of the wonderful weather and flight conditions!

A Long History

Austin is a city that goes waaay back! Founded in 1835, and incorporated shortly thereafter, what was originally known as Waterloo, became Austin when the Texas (then an independent country!) Congress sought a new capital to name after Stephen F. Austin, the so-called Father of Texas.

The area has been inhabited long before those settlers first laid roots along the Colorado River. Since at least 9200 BCE, various cultures and tribes have called the area home. Nowadays, 11,000+ years later and Austin is bustling full of life, music, breweries, BBQ, business, film and culture.

The City

Austin occupies over 305 square miles of Texas, saddled along the Colorado River. It sits at the meeting point of four different major ecological regions giving it a unique environ for a desert community! It has features of the Southwest dry deserts and the more lush, humid American Southeast. This makes for a unique experience as the humidity and weather as a whole can fluctuate greatly depending on the winds.

The population of Austin is approaching a million, with the metro area having over two million total and that mix of people might just be what makes Austin so great.

Its People

Austin is home to a diverse mix of Americans. While it is a major center for the high tech bunch, with thousands of folks graduating from the University of Texas – Austin with degrees in engineering and computer science, there are also huge swaths of the community that prefer to ‘Keep Austin Weird,’ a more bohemian leaning crowd focused on the arts.

Every year the city is home dozens of festivals from music and film fests like South by SouthWest (SXSW) and SXSW Film Festival, Austin Film Festival to Willie Nelson’s 4th of July Picnic (that’s right, headlined by Shotgun Willie himself!) and the Austin Celtic Festival in November.

It’s not just about festivals

Austin is filled with things for any and everyone to enjoy. For those who are passionate about sports, UT Austin’s own Longhorns compete in football, baseball, track — you name it! Austin is an active city, and for those who are more into participating than spectating, there are numerous roller derby, rugby team and motorsport raceways. Austin is packed with all the things a lively, vibrant city might have.

Why We’re Excited

As if all of those other reasons weren’t enough, Austin has a great climate that allows for a steady training environment, making it ideal for a flight school like AeroGuard. We work hard to give our cadets an accelerated program that gets their careers soaring faster, and the more diverse the training experience the better.

Austin is a city on the rise, and as it grows we want to be a part of that community, helping Austinites, locals, and transplants to become the pilots they’ve dreamed of being with our flight school in Austin.

Ready to see how AeroGuard can help you? Reach out today, speak with an advisor and see what it’s like to be an AeroGuard cadet. Want to get a sample of Austin? They have their own Spotify Playlist!

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