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Airlines in need of new trained pilots as tsunami of pilot retirements hit

Airlines Need More Trained Pilots as “Tsunami of Pilot Retirements” Hits

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As we know, the aviation industry has been facing a significant pilot shortage in recent years, and that shortage continues to grow with a new wave of pilots retiring and a limited number of new pilots entering the profession. Due to this shortage, airlines have been forced to cancel flights or reduce their schedules, which has resulted in frustration and inconvenience for passengers and long hours for airline employees.

According to Faye Malarkey Black, the President and CEO of the Regional Airline Association, in “the next 15 years, nearly 50% of the commercial airline workforce will be forced to retire because they will reach the age of 65”. While Malarkey Black encourages Congress to extend the retirement age, this would only be a short-term solution for a long-term issue. The “in coming tsunami of pilot retirements” will still hit, creating a gap that needs to be filled with new trained pilots. The Federal Aviation Administration and Congress have also been presented with the idea of expanding “the training pathways and incorporate modern technology in pilot training” in attempt to help cadets earn their qualifications safely and quickly. Other solutions to be sought out include breaking down the “financial barriers many face to becoming a pilot”, paving the way for more accessible training.

While the shortage presents a challenge for the aviation industry, it is creating the perfect opportunity for new pilots to enter the field and pursue an exciting career as a pilot. Airlines and aviation organizations are investing in pilot training programs and partnering with flight schools to offer scholarships and other incentives, and working to improve the overall perception of the aviation industry as a career path. With better resources to obtain flight training and an increase in salaries and benefits for pilots, airlines are looking for the next wave of qualified candidates to enter the field and fill the gap.

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